All Star Lineup of Funk and Hip Hop Legends in Denver

by on February 22, 2011 in Concert News

All Star Lineup of Funk and Hip Hop Legends in Denver

DENVER, CO – The Ogden Theatre was place to be this weekend, as an all-star line up of hip hop Legends and funk dominated the stage, with amazing performances byChali 2na, Public Enemy, and Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe.

Chali 2na, known for his stint with Jurassic 5, and Ozomatli, took the opening slot and kick off the evening to a packed house. 2na released fish Market Part 2 in 2010, a followup to his 2004 release Fish Market mixed tapes, his first official solo project since departing ways with Jurassic 5. Chali 2na has been on the road with Denson since February 12, and this show on the 19 of February is his last with Denson before heading to Europe,with dates starting on March 16 in the UK.

Chali 2na’s performed his set with a tight rhythm section which included a drummer, DJ, and 7 string bass guitar. Getting the crowd pumped and ready for the night of classic Hip Hop was no problem for the 6 foot plus tall, baritone MC from California. The Ogden quickly filled up when he took the stage and never looked back, a thick layer of Marijuana Smoke soon began to fill the venue also. One highlight song of the night brought an answer to how Chali 2nagot into Hip Hop Music, it wasn’t the rap music its self, it was the rattle can portion of the life style that brought 2na into the Hip Hop scene. That’s right Chali is also a very talented painter, both graffiti artist and mural painter.

When the set completed, instead of running of stage that is the norm for most artists that complete their set, 2na jump right down in front and began mixing it up with the fans on the floor in front. Posing for pictures, and signing autographs for the fans, a true first class act to show that type of appreciation.

Next up, the original seeds Public Enemy. There was a bit of delay when it came time for the next act to hit the stage, as the crew was competing the set up, it was announced to the crowd to basically quit it with the pot smoking The MC for the night, gave a stern request to the crowd, ” ya need to quit it with the smoking, Chuck has a cold and he doesn’t like the smoke”. With that said it was time for Public Enemy to do it’s thing.

The stage was set, instead of just playing with a DJ spinning the beat, Public Enemy also brought an added flare to the show with its on version of a rhythm section. With it’s Public Enemy Army so to speak taken the stage first, two guy’s dressed in camouflage fatigues standing on the sides, a rhythm guitar player, drummer, and legendary bass player Davy D. Once the beat got going the Ogden erupted and never settled down from that point on.

26 years of being Hip Hop masters was very apparent in the performance, Chuck D, Professor Griff, and that reality TV star, Favor Flav, took a hold of the show and smashed it through the roof. As they not only played all the top hits from past day’s, they also took us down the road giving us first hand accounts of how some of the songs came about. For Flav, well he always has something to say, but it’s his versatility as a talented musician that was mostly on display this night. After taking over bass duties on “Don’t Believe the Hype,” Flav also showed he could smash it on the drums as well, laying down the beat as local artist, DJ Cavem, who joined the crew on stage as part of the love that Chuck D through out to the local scene over the course of the night.

The set seemed to go on forever, with the energy level still geared towards the roof, and the clock on the wall showing it was getting rather late, but the night was far from over. Still yet to play, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe.

After the completion of the Public Enemy set, the crowd which had not left the theatre area of the venue science the start of the show thinned out as a mad dash for the bathrooms and drink lines took place, just before the headliners KDTU, took the stage. As some of the patrons left after the Public Enemy set most returned, as the music changed from Hip Hop to Funk.

KDTU took the stage just before midnight, opening with Chali 2na on vocals. As the band was set to the front of the stage, it was quite intimate with the band that close, instead of pushing them to the bake and putting them further form the crowd.

With his hand in so many projects , from The Grey Boy All-stars to Karl Densons Tiny Universe, Karl Denson is booming a staple in the Denver music scene. KDTU has been touring the world since 1999, and have sold over 250,000 records while doing this. The KDTU line up is as follows, Karl Denson, vocals, sax, and flute, Brian Jordan on Guitar, Chris Littlefield on the trumpet, John Staten playing drums, Chris Stillwell on bass, and David Veith on Keyboards.

KDTU teamed up for only two shows with Public Enemy , the firs one was in Salt Lake City, and then the show at the Ogden. Form here the band plays in Austin, Texas on the 26th, and then teams up with Slightly Stoopid for three dates in Florida.