I Love Being Single Top 10 Reasons Why

I Love Being Single Top 10 Reasons Why

I Love Being Single

Valentine’s Day has come and gone so I thought it was time to share why I love being single, the ten best things I like about being single. In the past thinking of being alone was a scary thought, however I have grown to be independent, and here’s some of the reasons why.

Being single allow you to become a casual eater, what’s that you ask? All you have to do is open up your fridge or pantry and odds are you have weeks worth of meals in front of you. Food is energy and your body doesn’t care if the meal took ten minutes or two hours to prepare. Even weeks after your last trip to the grocery store you can get creative with your meals. When you’re cooking for yourself its amazing how much fun you can really have, and the best part is it’s never bad… Or you can stock up on some healthy snacks, I like Perky Jerky yumm so good!!!

Oh the joys of the television, a life sucking, lazy making machine. Every night I like to sit down and watch recorded episodes of the Family Guy before bed, as laughter is the best medicine around. In the past, watching cartoons didn’t fly well in my relationship, even if they were made for adults. Now however I am free to watch action movies, sports, and yes even cartoons..

For the first time in as long as I can remember I am free to go on vacation at anytime. Granted my new job running the website allows me to work form anywhere. But after many years of trying to schedule trips around two people’s work schedules it’s a major relief to be able to just pickup and go. No more asking anyone if they can get the time off to travel.

I have money in my bank account, and cash in my wallet, go figure. Without a wallet draining significant other you will be amazed at how much money you save, and how little crap you end up buying. This could also tie in with the food category as you no longer have the need to go out to fancy dinners, buying groceries is cheaper especially when you kick out all the high end “headie” organic food. Don’t get me wrong I like to eat healthy and save a buck at the same time, but there is a limit.

Alone time is peaceful and the best part is there is never any tension. Being without conflict is liberating, maybe this is why people meditate. Sometimes I think humans are programed to argue, whether they see it on tv, grew up with it in their homes or just have no clue on how to interact with one another. Take some time away from everyone and you’ll have a unique outlook on life.

When someone lives alone their house looks one of two ways, either spotless or like a train just crashed through the front door. It seems allot easier to cleanup when I’m the one making the mess. If the house looks dirty you only have one person to blame. On the flip side when the house is spotless and people comment on how nice it looks you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Ever wonder where your keys were, asked someone if they moved them? Well when you live alone your stuff stays in one place, exactly where you left it. Sometimes this can be troublesome as well as you don’t have anyone to ask if they saw were you last put your keys. For guys, snowboard gear, mountain bikes and surfboards are expected to be left in the living room, for ladies the bathroom is your oasis..

Like loud music, I sure do. When you live alone your free to listen whatever type of music your in the mood for. Best of all you can jam on your instruments with the amps turned all the way up without pissing anyone off, (minus your neighbors.) Like to sing, well “sing like nobody is listening” I can only imagine a good percent of musicians were alone while they were writing and recording music.

When you live alone your bathroom is typically clean and tidy without a ton of products cluttering everything up. If the bathroom is dirty or smells weird there is only one person to blame, yourself. Some people take great care to keep the bathroom clean, others could care less.. Where do you find yourself in the world of bathroom cleanliness?

Ever had to stay late at work and call home “asking” if it was ok? Work pays the bills, and should come first. Dinners can wait, and will still taste good even if they are cold. For those that travel for work, you no longer have to ask/tell your significant other your travel plans. Just pickup and go.. It seems that when I am single I work much harder and am willing to put in longer hours.

So that’s my list of things I enjoy most about being single. Hopefully I don’t come off sounding to jaded. Relationships are amazing, and so is the single life. The trick is to find your zen spot in between the two, as they say “the grass is always greener”. 

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  • NEO DARK LORD - December 12, 2012 Reply

    Awesome! I agree with all of these arguments, but I want to add one little thing. ;)

    You can sleep with everyone, and do not need to ask anybody for permission. :D

    Be single is the funniest way to feel free and independent! <3


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