Dogs and Porcupines

by on April 27, 2011 in Pet News

Dogs and Porcupines
German Shorthaired Pointer Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

What a day!! Today my German Shorthaired Pointer and I woke to another foot of fresh powder overnight and hit the trail around 6:30am. She was loving the fresh snow running laps up and down the ranch. Half way through our walk I noticed her trying to get into something on the side of the road. I was able to call her attention and we continued on without any issues.

On the way back to the house Char was off the the side of the trail at the same spot she was getting into trouble earlier, I figured she had a dead animal of some sort. When I grabbed her collar and pulled her back I noticed 2 porcupine quills sticking out of her lower lips. Dogs and Porcupines hardly get along.. I quickly took the quills out much to Chars relief. A friend mentioned if you cut the quills in half it creates an air pocket making them easier to be removed from the skin. I would later find out this method worked when i found 2 more quills hidden under Char’s collar.

For our second walk of the day I decided it would be fun to introduce Char to us sliding on snow. I hiked up behind the office and planned to ride down on a skateboard with a ski attached to the bottom down the hill. Char on the other hand was raging through the powder running laps up and down the slope. My friend Jack dropped in first and Char ran down the mountain in his tracks. She was stoked!!

I was up next and had been worried about one of the boards hitting Char as they were attached via leash. Well the Law of Attraction must have been listening, as I dropped in the board sank I flew through the air. I landed in the powder with a shit eating grin and then wham, the board flew back into my face with an incredible recoil and force. I was stunned when I felt my teeth had been chipped then started spitting up blood and making my way humbly down the slope.

3 chipped teeth and a nice cut above my lip was the result of my first snowskate mission on my friend Josh Malay’s old board. (R.I.P) All I can say is he must have been laughing at me from above, thanks buddy.. Heading to the dentist in the am, not to worry mom.

Another day in the mountains..

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