Dog Veterinary

by on April 26, 2011 in Pet News

Dog Veterinary
German Shorthaired Pointer Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

Today I took Char for her first Dog Veterinary visit, to Town & Country Animal Hospital in Gunnison after a recommended from a local friend. I was very pleased to see that Town & Country was responsible for not only carrying for dogs and cats but seemed to have an entire section for horses and livestock. This is country living at it’s finest!

First on the agenda was getting this little girl microchipped through PetLink. The microchip is smaller then a grain of rice and is inserted via syringe around the dogs neck/back region. In the event Char was to get lost while running, the next time she was found a simple scan at the local animal shelter, hospital and even some police departments would bring up my contact information. Dogs can have a mind of there own from time to time and this is a wonderful investment for piece of mind.

Just like baby’s used to have there temps taken, Char had a thermometer stuck in her but today. Her temp was 100.6 which is great for dogs. The average dogs temp ranges from 100.5°F to 102.5°F (about 38°C to 39.2°C).

43 pounds at 8 months and she should put on a couple more pounds as she matures. The 43 pounds feels like 250 when she is pulling on the leash. Incredible how much power these dogs have, 100% muscle..

Blood Sample
Poor little girl had blood taken today, I wasn’t in that room so not sure how much. I believe it was through one of her front legs. As for the test, results were good, no heartworm. I will continue to keep her on a monthly heartworm medication from Interceptor.

I also got Char some Frontline which is the #1 recommended flee and tick protection. After a long day, Char is tired and sleeping on the couch and it’s only 6:30pm!!! Tomorrow were going to go play in the snow, I will try and get come photos to go along.

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