Best Places to Practice Yoga in Denver
DENVER, CO – What’s the best yoga studio in Denver? This question had me scratching m [...]
How to do Fallen Star
This is our ongoing how to yoga series. We show you how to do yoga poses, be sure to stay within  [...]
How to do Tree Pose
Tree Pose Yoga Pose Instructions Yoga poses focus on the bottom up, meaning the yogi must first f [...]
Yoga for Metal Heads, and the Rest of Us (non hippie) Normal People
You know… It has come to my attention that A LOT of people don’t know how to mediate. And I used  [...]
How to do Boat Pose
Boat Pose Yoga Pose Instructions As mentioned previously, core poses are helpful to practice for  [...]
Yoga for Surfers: Airplane/Warrior III
Warrior III Yoga Pose Instructions   Balance is the most vital aspect to address for surfing [...]
4 Basic Yoga Postures That Help Reduce Back Pain, and Risk of Sports Injury
Yoga is a mind/body exercise that relieves stress, improves flexibility and increases strength, b [...]
How to do sitting twist yoga pose
Sitting Twist Yoga Pose Instructions This sitting twist is a great pose for addressing tight hips [...]
How to do Badha Konasana Yoga Pose
Badha Konasana Yoga Pose Instructions Another great pose for cyclists is badha konasana (bound an [...]
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