MSMW Live: In Case The World Changes Its Mind

by on October 19, 2011 in Album Reviews

MSMW Live: In Case The World Changes Its Mind

Anyone who listens to guitarist John Scofield, or the jazz trio, Medeski Martin and Wood will highly enjoy their newest release, The World Should Listen to MSMW Live: In case the world changes its mind. In fact, even if you have never heard of any of these musicians but like jazz and funk music, then you too, will appreciate and enjoy the two disc album featuring mellow jazz to sporadic funk jams and everything in between.

This album consists of the best live recordings of MSMW when they toured together in 2006 promoting their then new album, Out Louder. This compilation doesn’t disappoint. Close to two hours long and only ten songs, you can be guaranteed of epic jams and solos from every member, which showcases their talent over their instruments.

The two disc set starts off with a cover of Scofield’s A Go Go, a hit from his critically acclaimed album, A Go Go, which he recorded with Medeski Martin and Wood in 1998. From there the other songs range from their more recent collaborations to a soulful rendition of Amazing Grace. This double album is sure to elicit a wide range of emotion as it provides the listener with genre morphing music. A must have for any fan of music, especially for a Scofield or MM&W fan!!

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