Pretty Lights to Headline 2011 Snowball Music Festival

by on December 16, 2010 in Concert News

Pretty Lights to Headline 2011 Snowball Music Festival
Pretty Lights Fans at Red Rocks Amphitheatre Photo: Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

AVON, CO – The Snowball Music Festival is heading to the town of Avon located at the base of Beaver Creek Mountain Resort March 4th – 6th 2011. Originally scheduled for February 3-6th the event dates and venue have been changed. According to the Vail Daily Newspaper the three-day concert event will now take place at Nottingham Park in the heart of downtown Avon. Fans will want to bring winter boots as the event is taking place outside in the snow.

Snowball Music Festival Lineup

The lineup looks strong with Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and local Vail Valley based band The Bonfire Dub confirmed on the lineup. Being a three-day festival were sure the event organizers will be adding lots more bands and hopefully a few bigger headliners.

Pretty Lights sold out Red Rocks Amphitheatre this summer and has been one of the hottest selling tickets across the country. It seems like just yesterday that Pretty Lights was performing at the tiny Samana Lounge on Bridge St in the Vail Village. Now they will be headlining a music festival less then 2 years later just down the road in the town of Avon…

Event organizers are expecting 10,000 people per day to attend the festival. This brings up a few logistical questions. First were on earth are 10,000 people going to stay in the town of Avon? Between the major hotels in Avon the Westin, Sheraton, Comfort Inn and Christy Lodge there are a total of around 820 hotel rooms.

Second how are that many cars going to fit into town? The Beaver Creek Resort company has about 1,000 parking spaces in the free parking lots located at the base of the ski area. However there are overflow lots and the rodeo area that could be used to park and transport festival attendees.

We wish the event organizers and the Town of Avon, especially the local residents the best of luck with this festival. The festival should be very popular with the 18-24 year old crowd, the question is do they have money to spend in the valley?

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  • worm - January 15, 2011 Reply

    damn straight i hope it snows two feeeet!, im from montana bitch… ill sleep in my car when its neg 15, we dont need any expensive ass hotels to stay in. and quit complaing about the fest being in your town people… i would kill to have this fest in my home town. pretty lights… playing in the snow.. mountains everywhere.. how could u complain about that?

    • Mike Hardaker - January 15, 2011 Reply


      Be careful sleeping in your car within the town of Avon city limits. You may have better luck and less chance of being harrased by the police driving down valley a bit. Honestly I have never thought of sleeping in my car in the middle of winter in Avon, good luck.. Please take some photos and well post a story of your trip.

      Mike Hardaker

  • ben b - January 11, 2011 Reply

    i dont like yuppie mike

  • Montana - January 10, 2011 Reply

    I agree with Black Jesus the older people of this town, mike im not talking bout you, they grew up with the best music known to mankind today. Zep, Beatles, stones, floyd, ect. You guys know you all went to concerts to fornicate and have a good time, do what your parents said not to. Why is it when we (the youth of today) want to partake in these activites we get frowned upon and ppl wish ill will on us. I for one will be there, if there are drugs, there are drugs who cares? How many music festivals a year go on where youth are taking ecstasy smokin pot and drinking? Hundreds, possibly thousands, why is it you guys are so damn worried about this one? I say to you, with slight humor but more serious then you can ever believe….
    LET MY PEOPLE COME!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mike Hardaker - January 10, 2011 Reply


      I like your take on the older generation growing up on timeless music. We appreicate your comment!

      Mike Hardaker

  • Jason Bourne - January 9, 2011 Reply

    As a resident of Bacehlor’s Gulch, I am very excited for this festival. My son is bringing 20 of his friends up and I can not wait to watch these kids have a ball. Ofcourse drug use is going to be rampant at this though. I will be interested to see how the police respond to this.

  • black jesus - January 8, 2011 Reply

    well my bad mike for giving you shit but you know how it is…should be a fun weekend

  • black jesus - January 8, 2011 Reply

    i hope it snows two feet? all you negative older folks are such hypocrites…why try to fight a music festival thats against the norm? ya’ll had your movement just chill and enjyo the show

    • Mike Hardaker - January 8, 2011 Reply

      black jesus,

      Yes I hope it snows 2 feet some I can come ride pow at the Beav without using the Epic Mix, and enjoy watching the scene unfold at the Snow Ball. I’ve been known to go on tour following my favorite band, so your comment of “all you negative older folks are such hypocrites” makes me laugh. How old do you think I am!! Oh and by the way I was at Red Rocks last summer for all but 1 concert..

      Mike Hardaker

  • I LOVE HATERS - January 8, 2011 Reply

    Denver does something like this at least once a week, and their city is very successful. Avon isn’t gonna know what hit it, true, because it’s gonna be a badass party. Hollaaa

    • Mike Hardaker - January 8, 2011 Reply

      I Love Haters,

      Last time we checked the Mile High Music Festival along with every event at Red Rocks Amphitheatre is held in late spring, summer and early fall.. What music festival does Denver put on weekly?

      Mike Hardaker

  • Alex - January 7, 2011 Reply

    Negative Nancy

  • ab - January 6, 2011 Reply

    I plan on attending and having a great time without violating any major laws of the universe. Last time I checked it never hurt to get a little extra revenue into your city. Stop complaining and just give it a chance.

    • Mike Hardaker - January 6, 2011 Reply


      We are all for The Town of Avon generating tax revenue, especially in the wake of Avon’s latest national chain causality as reported by the Eagle County Times “The Verizon store in Avon’s Chapel Square has signed a lease moving to the (Traer Creek Plaza) – just west of the Wal~Mart in Avon. Goodbye Sales Tax revenue… Avon – Verizon’s sales tax revenue will soon be added to pay the Bond Debt that Developer Traer Creek took on when they sold ~$52 Million in Bonds to develop their property.”

      Mike Hardaker

  • Nic - January 5, 2011 Reply


    Being a Vail local we are all wondering the same things about where all these people are going to go. Vail and BC are very expensive. Some of the most expensive ski resorts in the world. Where 10,000 spun out kids are going to stay will be very interesting. I dont think the town of Avon knows what they are getting into. From what I know about this Music and the the people who will be attending this show are will be partying pretty hard. 10,000 spun out kids in March…. I hope it snows 2 feet.

    • Mike Hardaker - January 5, 2011 Reply


      Well said, I don’t believe I could have phrased it any better. This unfortunately might be the first and last time the town of Avon allows this sort of thing. Everyone that I mention the bands, location and time of year to just look’s at me with a puzzled look? The band Pretty Lights outside in the snow mid March?? If it snows you just may see me come into town to witness the shenanigans first hand. We wish all the locals and our friends in the community the best of luck.

      Mike Hardaker


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