Best Travel Camera

by on December 12, 2012 in Camera Reviews

Best Travel Camera

Do you want to know what is the best travel camera?

A picture can tell a thousand words. So what better way to have your travel story told than a good camera?

Whether you are traveling alone or with someone else, your camera will still be your best companion. They create wonderful memories with you and the places you visit.

Your travel experience becomes more colorful when you are able to record the vibe of your journey into photographs.

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When you are searching for the best travel camera , you are bombarded with so many models offering different and appealing specifications. Choosing a right digital camera is quite hard as choosing a right cell phone tracker.

If you do not really know what you are looking for, you’d likely be lost in confusion.

Let’s first begin with knowing some of the basics of what you should be looking for in a travel camera before we sort out the best cameras there are in the market.

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Digital or Film?

Film cameras are nice as they seemingly are ‘vintage’ these days. If we talk about the convenience and features, digital cameras undoubtedly beat film cameras.

Film cameras will only work on films (and batteries), and will have to go through developing process for you to be able to view the pictures you took.

On the other hand, digital cameras provide you the convenience of being able to store your pictures easily and faster on your computers or other similar devices, and view them any time anywhere without the fear of getting lost or misplaced.

Should you wish to have the photos transformed to a hard copy you can always have them printed too. So, between digital and film, you should go for digital.

Compact or DSLR?

Digital SLR cameras were not very popular to regular consumers in the previous years. Professional photographers were the ones commonly seen using such cameras.

However, in the recent years, DSLR cameras have been widely used by people, pro or amateurs. Most DSLR cameras showcase good quality pictures that would be difficult to capture with the compact cameras.

However, this does not disqualify compact cameras when looking for a camera to bring on travels. But choosing between the two will have to boil down to personal preferences.

When it comes to pricing, there certainly are cheaper options for compact cameras that already provide you with good quality resolutions. In addition, they are very convenient.

They don’t take up so much space in your bag, and when not in use, you can just easily shove them into your pocket. Not much of hassle. DSLR cameras capture real good pictures and, on the other hand, are quite bulky and much heavier.

If you are not with the idea of having a camera hanging on your neck or from your shoulder, it can’t be for you.

Battery life

This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a camera. You can’t get one that runs on batteries that you cannot rely on for longer usage. When traveling, you are to expect to always on the go. Cameras that are powered with Li-Ion batteries are more reliable and lightweight.

Top Digital Cameras

Now that you know the basics in choosing a camera, here are the top five camera choices for consumers:

Canon EOS-5D Mark II

This camera is absolutely stunning. It works great for people who take photography seriously, and are thinking about publishing their travel pictures. It comes in both automatic and manual modes.

Olympus Evolt E620

It is one of the world’s smallest digital SLR cameras. It is around the size of a palm. The camera, complete with all DSLR features, are very easy to use and perfect for first-time DSLR users.

Nikon D90

For a DSLR camera, this one provides superb quality video capture. It does not cost that much but is very reliable when it comes to picture-perfect captures especially in low light conditions.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3

This is a compact camera that has amazing zoom feature, without sacrificing the quality of the photos taken. It makes a very good companion during travels because of its size, weight, and great video capture.

Canon PowerShot S90IS

This camera suits best for people who are not so fascinated with DSLR cameras, but want to take the best still shots. It also works well in low light conditions, and comes with an adjustable control ring that lets users manually adjust the camera’s focus.

best travel camera

Remember that when choosing a camera, you do not only zero in on the good features. Try to find out the downside of each to better weigh your options.



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