Igloo DUO Collections Regiment Cooler Backpack Review

The Igloo DUO Collection features a “bag that’s a cooler and a cooler that a bag.” With the Igloo Regiment Backpack wearers can now easily carry cans of beverages into the backcountry. With adjustable backpack straps and a zippered front compartment the Regiment backpack is as versatile as they come.

Igoo DUO Test:

We wanted to see just how the Igloo DUO Collections Regiment Backpack would hold up on a long hike in the rugged mountains. Our first test we easily fit a 12 pack of beer inside the backpack, with ice and were able to walk for miles without any discomfort and more important no leaking of water. Thanks to the 8mm Polartherm insulation and leak-proof, heat-sealed liners no water got on my back.

During our second test we were able to squeeze 16 eight ounce cans into the backpack!!! So if you want to be the life of any outdoor party be sure to show up with a Regiment in tow.. Our friends are still asking about where to pick one up.


With the capacity to hold an amazing 16 cans, the Regiment DUO Collection backpack from Igloo is sure to be a huge hit with concert goers, backpackers, and just anyone looking for a great picnic bag. Since our initial test I have also used the backpack on road trips as it can fit almost anywhere, stays cold forever and wont leak all over the car. Last but not least the aptly named Regiment backpack looks really cool, almost like something you would expect to see military paratroopers wearing..


Following what has been described as the hottest Texas summer in decades, wildfires have claimed the lives of four people and more than 1400 homes in the worst fire season ever. Igloo Products Corp., a Texas company, has added to the outpouring of support by delivering a truckload of coolers to the West Texas town of Bastrop, about 25 miles from Austin. The coolers were distributed by emergency agency personnel to firefighters on the line and to displaced citizens in need of water, food and medical supplies. Does it get any better then that? Nice to see a big company giving back, especially on the local level.

Igloo Backpack Cooler
4 / 5 RATING