Aurora Projekt Review

The Aurora Projekt has artwork on their t-shirts and hoodies that winter sports lovers can related to: snowboards, snowmobiles and best of all HELICOPTERS!!! The Men’s t-shirts and sweatshirts are made out of a 50% preshrunk cotton 50% polyester mix for a nice warm feel while the ladies t-shirts and sweatshirts are made out American Apparel poly-cotton.

Designs such as the Heli Praise, Skier, FMX, Chooper, Lady Love and 907 encompass the Alaskan lifestyle that many of us share living in the mountains. Auora Projekt also features a design series by local AK artist Shane Brown, Gabe Trujillo, McLean Stedman and the L.O.C. series.

I have worn my Aurora Projekt gear from Alaska to Colorado and back with pride. Everywhere I go people are always commenting on my shirt and hoodie. Maybe its the fact they have helicopters and snowboards on them who knows. The gear really stands out against computer generated sweatshop style surf and snowboard shirts that have flooded the market to capture the “cool audience”.

If you ever find yourself in Juneau, AK be sure to stop by and see Scott Baxster at the Aurora Projekt shop in tiny downtown. I can guarantee that if you are a reader of the Mountain Weekly News you will find something at the Auora Projekt that speaks to you. They now are even offering online ordering. So if you cant make it all the way to Alaska, why not have a little AK stoke shipped to you via the wonders of technology.

After a year my Heli Praise Aurora Projekt t-shirt has gone through many cycles in the washing machine and is as new as ever, (if I could find it..) Same goes for the sweatshirt, this is gear that is built to last. I guess in Alaska everything needs to be a little bit stronger.

I would also like to thank Scott and the Aurora Projekt on a personal level for helping me with “on snow support”, it really means allot!!

5 / 5 RATING      
  • Shane A. Brown

    Thanks To all for the love and support Drop in contact info business welcome see my art work here on wall post albums, the AP shop 171 Franklin ST Juneau AK, 99801

    • Mike Hardaker


      Thanks for leaving a comment on the site and for designing some amazing clothes!!

      Mike Hardaker
      Editor & Publisher