Minus33 Men’s 100 Wool Expedition Weight Long Underwear Review

Minus33 garments are constructed exclusively of 100% merino wool. Eggs are good for you; eggs are bad for you. Farm raised fish or wild caught? Butter or margarine? Wool or Poly-pro? Definitely wool; specifically Minus33!

Minus33 Review

Simple and functional; Minus33 puts their efforts into the construction and performance of their garment line. The bottoms tested had great fit, allowed for easy access while peeing in the woods, always a plus when you are ski running for the lead pack of the Rando Race.

Minus33 Long Johns in the Field

When the temps at the SIA trade show On Snow demo were forecasted to drop to zero or below I was lucky enough to be staying with my Friend the Minus 33 sales rep who tossed me a pair of Expedition Weight Bottoms to cover me since all I brought was lightweight capilene. Needless to say this was a life saver; I skied and waited in line all day and then shot pictures of the Cosmic Series awards afterwards. I couldn’t help notice the natural comfort and warmth of the thick wool against my skin. I’ve since had them on for a few more races and photo outings in all temps and conditions near Crested Butte, Colorado.


After a few washes I’ve noticed no wear, stretching or shrinking and the bottoms are still just as soft and supple. They went back to their rightful owner as soon as possible (thanks Andy) so I didn’t have them long.

Overall Impression:

Wool is here to stay and Minus33 has brought it into price ranges that don’t need financial aid like some of the other brands that add much more flair. Nothing beats a natural and sustainable product. Now if we could just get people to stop drinking all that bottled water we could all be in merino instead of plastic.

5 / 5 RATING