Bergans of Norway Helium Jacket

As a longtime resident of Colorado, I know enough that spending time outdoors during the spring and summer months always runs the risk of afternoon thunderstorms, which can form without warning and disappear just as quickly, that’s where a jacket like the 1180 Helium Jacket from Bergans of Norway can be a life saver.

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Bergans of Norway Helium Jacket Review

The area along the front range of Colorado is an arid, high-plains environment that runs along the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains from the north end of the state to the south and is home to a majority of Colorado’s population. And just like any desert-like climate, it is prone to flash flooding. I spend a great deal of time in this region, and in the short weeks that I’ve had the 1180 Helium Jacket from Bergans of Norway, it has saved me twice.

The jacket is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry and forget about, and that’s important if you aren’t necessarily expecting a shower but still realize that it’s a distinct possibility. I can roll the whole thing up and stuff it in a small backpack, and it takes up only a sliver of space.

I’ve even been able to fold the 1180 Helium Jacket up and put it in my back pocket while tailgating and attending a concert at Red Rocks, a natural outdoor amphitheater west of Denver. It looked like a fine summer afternoon before I headed over there that day, but I brought the rain jacket anyway since it requires little packing space. Sure enough, when the rain clouds descended on the crowd of Steely Dan fans while still tailgating before the show and kept pouring through the second set of the concert, I was able to stay dry and comfortable during the entire event. Meanwhile, others, even some with the foresight to bring rain gear that doesn’t last through 3 hours of rain, were forced to go home or sit in their cars and hope for the the thunderstorm to subside.

The 1180 Helium Jacket is made from Dermizax™, which is extremely thin, allowing the jacket to pack so tightly, yet is completely waterproof for hours on end. If you’re exerting yourself hiking, dancing at a concert, or whatever your favorite activity may be, you can sweat without feeling steamy or stuffy while wearing the jacket, because it allows perspiration to pass through. If you’re working really hard, you can even open the underarm vents, which feels great. The pockets are generous too, and made of a breathable mesh on the inside, so they too can act as vents when unzipped.

The bottom line is, if you ever find yourself outdoors during the spring or summer for an extended period of time, or you live anywhere the weather is unpredictable, the 1180 Helium fits the bill. After all, when the jacket packs small and tight, there’s not much downside to bringing it along. And if you do find yourself at the mercy of a thunderstorm, you’ll be glad you brought it along.

Bergans of Norway
4 / 5 RATING