Apo Dual 1.0 Snowboard Binding

Introducing the 2014 Apo Dual 1.0 Acid Chunk Snowboad Binding. Once you see these bindings in person you realize quickly why the acid reference. I put a picture of these bindings at the begging of the article for a reason. I want your review experience to be groovy like these acid tripping feet holsters. I heard “What are those?” in line at the gondola. Let me tell you kind sir, they are Apo’s. Ever heard of Sammy Carlson or Sage Kotsenburg? They ride for Apo. Needless to say, their gear is good quality.

Apo Dual Snowboard Binding

Apo Binding Review

Usually I take a little mercy on my gear but I rode these things hard; I tried to find a flaw but was unsuccessful in my attempts. Usually when you review a binding you put them through a series of test to determine if the binding is good or bad. I realized quickly after mounting them that they were worth the time and effort. I jig mounted these to my Burton 155 Whammy Bar. If you’re a real snowboarder, you’re thinking the same thing as I was. Burton has the channel system, so how did he manage to mount those? You have 3 choices of mount with the Apo bindings. 4 screws, 3 screw and 2 screw. I 2 screwed these to the channel system and it worked perfectly. I was able to determine that this is a universal adaptable disc: 4X4, 3D and rail system.

These bindings are a true dual entry system. You can slide in and use the back strap to rope tighten or you can boot click like normal. I have a small foot, size 8 and the mediums fit perfect. The large would have been way too big. This binding is made to be simplistic, ultra functional and definitely fun to use. With tool less adjustments on every part of the binding, you can leave your screwdrivers home. The huge amount of room available makes rear entry strap in a breeze. Not to mention with all these colors and with my Bob Marley board people thought I was a Rasta. Touché Apo, Touché.

The boot straps are all upper leather and the straps are hard plastic. With adjustable backings and adjustable baseplate my feet felt just right. Even in switch I felt like I could nose over and push them. And for my fellow speed demons, these bindings really shine in high speed maneuvers. Overall I really enjoyed riding these Apo’s.

Apo Dual Snowboard Binding

Here are some of the features of the Acid Chunk’s:
Rear entry system and traditional strap in
Super light weight
Hyper functional
Easy to adjust
Unique patent
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Apo Dual 1.0 Snowboard Binding Video

The bindings feature Auto Lock which means you can lock and unlock the high back for rear entry in one movement. Rocker Baseplate, when the board flexes there is less impact between the board and binding, giving a smoother ride and improved durability. The base plate is 3d fiberglass-The perfect blend between efficiency, comfort and response. The binding baseplate is as soft and comfortable as your slippers. So how much does Apo believe in this binding? “We are so confident in our baseplate quality that we offer a lifetime warranty”. Pretty stoke.

Apo Dual Snowboard Binding

These bindings are a sick value. At $250 you really can’t beat the price; it’s almost as if they are selling a better product for cheaper to make a point. With bindings sailing north of $500 for high technology, these guys sit below $300 after taxes. The Mountain Weekly overall rating on this binding is 7 out of 10, we would definitely recommend this binding and we are a huge supporter of Apo and their push to be a successful company. I suggest a Nike LunarENDOR Quickstrike Boot and a 2014 Apo MTD All Mountain Freestyle board for our “Sick Set Up Bra!” award

APO Snowboard
4 / 5 RATING