Burton Pipe Gloves Review

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Burton Pipe Gloves Review

Burton Pipe Gloves are lightweight, flexible and fit nicely around my hands. The Burton Pipe Glove offers lots of mobility and grip in the fingers. The gloves seem durable and the seams are well protected. The gloves allow me to use my camera gear in the snow by keeping my fingers from getting frostbite.

Weight: When you have these gloves on you will forget they are on your hands, extremely lightweight. The snug fit of the gloves makes them feel lighter on, than off. These would be a perfect addition to your backpack, they are compact and weight almost nothing.

Fit: I chose the smallest pipe glove that would fit my hands. The Burton Pipe Glove is snug, stays on tight and has wrist strap to secure the glove preventing snow from getting inside.

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Construction: Burton Gloves are designed with padding along the knuckles, tops of the fingers and thumb area. There is a also pad on the inner palm or each glove to help when slapping the snow. The Burton Pipe Glove has rubber grips for grabbing and holding stuff or cinching boots and bindings. There is a Velcro strap in the wrist that is great for tightening the glove and keeping snow out. The Burton Pipe Glove dry’s quick, which is a huge plus.

Mike Hardaker Getting High Product Testing The Burton Pipe Gloves Beaver Creek Halfpipe Photo Kyle Milligan | Mountain Weekly News

Mike Hardaker Burton Pipe Glove Test Beaver Creek Halfpipe Photo Kyle Milligan | Mountain Weekly News

Style: The Burton Pipe Gloves are stylish with a sleek design. The gloves look futuristic with an element of Mad Max motorcycle vibe to them. These can also be used at night for walking around chilly ski towns. I also use the gloves when biking in cold weather; I like the multitasking uses of these gloves.

Overall Impression: These gloves made all the difference while shooting photos in cold weather. The Burton Pipe Glove has stood up to the vigorous conditions I put them through with minimal wear and tear. The Burton Pipe Gloves were a major plus during the X games on the cold nights while standing on the deck of the Super Pipe. Having grips on the fingers is key for using camera equipment. I would recommend the Burton Pipe Glove to any photographers that shoot in cold weather. The Burton Pipe Glove also helped to give me the upper hand while shooting the Sundance Film Festival. I make sure these gloves are with me at all times whenever I am in the mountains!

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