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Arbor Blacklist Snowboard

The Arbor Blacklist Snowboard is an awesome board with a softer overall feel, a beginner to intermediate riders dream. This board feels a little wider than some of the other boards Arbor offers. If you are looking for something a little more stable this is for you. If you want a board that is for the more advanced rider I would look into the Coda or Wasteland. It was a relief to hop on this board for my first resort shred of the season as it was ever so playful and nimble.

The Arbor Blacklist made our 2013-2014 snowboard buyers guide.

Once you learn how to ride the Rocker and not let it ride you, you will be amazed at the control this board has. I know people are going crazy over camber again but there is a way to get just as much if not more pop, outta reverse camber boards. It is easy to control in all snow conditions, sure anything is easy in light powder, but this board it solid everyday no matter what the weather has thrown at you.

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The Blacklist snowboard is flexible and a great stick if you are looking to play all day and not let the board man-handle you. The Blacklist rides switch with ease and due to it superior twin design it handles just as well when riding switch as it does when riding forward.

If I could describe this board in one word it would be fun. This board is great on any part of the mountain and a dream in the powder, it was a real treat to ride. The board is well built and is bomber. If you are looking for a fun easy board go get yourself a nice holiday treat and get on the Blacklist.

Oh and all of Arbor’s new boards are built at a state of the art factory in Dubai so you know it’s the danks!!!

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Arbor Blacklist Snowboard
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