Arbor Coda Snowboard

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Arbor Coda Snowboard

Hear that? Yes, that’s the thunder, and the Arbor Coda Snowboard will be bringing it all season. The Coda has been around for a few years, but it was completely overhauled and updated for this go-around and is indeed destined to dominate. Loaded with an aggressive design and impressive features, big mountain riders will undoubtedly experience a warm and fuzzy feeling every time they mount up with this beast.

A bold new tip and tail cut isn’t just for looks. It actually promotes better float in the fluffy stuff and boosts your speed so you can slay, slash, and thrash all the freshies, (Yup, all of them, but feel free to leave a few for others). The Arbor Mountain System Rocker highlights the profile of this rip stick and blends with a directional twin build to make this piece the definition of versatile. That unique shape pairs with a medium flex and enables you to go from straight lining it down the groomer to dodging tight trees off the run to tackling ferocious lines in the backcountry all in one session. It is hard to pin a gender on the Arbor Coda, but it certainly manhandles any terrain in its path.

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One of the things that makes this plank so superb is the UN3 Progressive Sidecut with Grip Tech. Bonus contact points under your feet improve control, and turn initiation has been enhanced for greater stability and precision. So go ahead and charge hard knowing that response and performance are instantly yours to employ. A Mystic Core made of lightweight bamboo keeps things durable and lively so you never have to fear gnarly conditions. Robust sidewalls dampen dumb chatter and a swift base does a solid job of retaining wax so you don’t have to do a rub job every time you hop on the lift.

Aggressive shred heads who take on anything the mountain throws their way can put their trust in this righteous rip stick. It seriously handles it all with authority, because that’s what it was engineered to do. If you are the kind of rider who likes to stand perched atop a wicked run with zero fear because you are fully confident in your whip, the Arbor Coda Snowboard is for you.

Arbor Coda
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