Arbor Wasteland Snowboard Review – 2013/2014

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Arbor Wasteland Snowboard Review – 2013/2014

The Arbor Wasteland Snowboard is Arbor’s flagship board with a go-anywhere design. The Wasteland features Arbor’s Mountain System Rocker which gives the board longer tips and a directional twin shape for superior float and go-anywhere versatility. Featuring Arbor’s most valuable tech, the Wasteland will destroy everything from groomers to untouched pow. Cutting edge performance and versatility, there is no board that will give you the power and confidence that the Arbor Wasteland can provide. I rode this board for 3 straight big powder days and it responded exactly as advertised.

Arbor’s flagship snowboard blends the most current thinking in big mountain design with our tried and true System set of rocker technologies to deliver cutting edge performance and versatility. Go anywhere in or out-of bounds and ride with the powerful confidence that only the Arbor Wasteland provides. With a rocker profile, new tip and tail shape, and a medium flex that gives you control and stability on the steeps, the flagship Arbor Wasteland snowboard is ready to lay waste to untouched slopes. I had the opportunity to ride this board with a stiffer binding (Union Charger) and it really handled well in the deep snow. Here is a little more information on the Arbor Wasteland Snowboard:

Arbor Wasteland

On Snow Notes

System Rocker

A “True-Rocker” design based on the parabolic arc; a shape that gradually reduces the amount of rocker toward the tips. This ensures that the outside contact points are close enough to the snow to reengage when maximum edge control is needed: Loaded Turns, higher speeds, bigger landings. Arbor’s parabolic rocker provides an additional layer of on-demand edge control, without sacrificing any true-rocker performance. This ensures that the outside contact points are close enough to the snow to reengage when maximum edge control is needed: Loaded Turns, higher speeds, bigger landings.


Medium Flex – A responsive flex that remains playful and forgiving enough for a fun ride that can handle any terrain.


Directional-Twin Shape – A directional twin shape with a slightly drawn out nose, perfect for on-mountain, backcountry, and deep snow performance

Arbor Wasteland Top Sheet


UN3 Progressive Sidecut (Grip Tech) – Unblended tri-radial, better turning, initiation, stability. Grip Tech is a sidecut design that creates four additional contact points under foot for significantly improved, more direct edge control. The new contacts also create heel and toe pivot points that make turning faster and more efficient. Grip-Tech allows Arbor to offer a “True-Rocker” profile with powerful edge control, and thus preserve the full range of associated performance benefits. Grip-Tech also allows riders with larger feet (up to US men’s 12) to ride standard width shapes.


Shaman Core – Blend of renewable Paulownia and FSC Poplar wood, ultra-lightweight and durability.


Mixed Glassing – A triax over biax lay-up that’s best for versatile on-mountain and park riding.


Bamboo Power Walls – Sustainable bamboo sidewalls deliver impact durability, edge performance, and crisp return.


Rocket Base – A high molecular weight, wax-infused sintered base, unmatched durability and speed.


Recycled Steel Edges – Max edge durability and performance, made with 60% recycled hardened steel.

Binding Compatibility

2 x 4 14-Pack Inserts – Provide a wide stance range and micro adjustability; max stance 24.4″ / 62 cm.


•New tip and tail shapes offer improved speed management, float in powder and control on technical steeps and in big drops and tight trees
•System rocker shape is equally at home in deep powder, tight trees, technical steeps and groomers?; rocker ensures that your edges engage when maximum control is needed
•Grip Tech side cut creates 4 points of contact underfoot, enhancing your edge control and turns
•Ultralight Paulownia wood is added to the poplar core to increase tensile strength and durability while maximizing weight reduction
•Mixed fiberglass reinforcements create stability and pop—the Wasteland can handle lapping the park when the freshies get tracked
•Power ply top sheet acts like a third layer of fiberglass to structurally enhance the board; protective castor-bean-based bio-plastic top sheet finish
•Twin shape; bamboo sidewall construction; wax-infused sintered base; 60% recycled steel edges
•Arbor Wasteland snowboard artwork by Joel Woodman


The Arbor Wasteland was a fantastic board to ride; I really enjoyed the grip technology. It was like having an emergency brake on your heels. Whenever you need to slide sideways to peel off some speed all you have to do is lean back and give it a good kick towards the mountain and the Grip Tech would dig right in. There were a few times I over kicked my brakes and came to a near complete stop. It really is a fantastic design and a great looking board!

4 / 5 stars     



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