Never Summer Cobra Snowboard

by on October 18, 2013 in Snowboard Reviews

Never Summer Cobra Snowboard

Poised to strike and deliver a lethal blow to any terrain, the Never Summer Cobra Snowboard is one sly piece of mountain-devouring performance. Everything about this rip stick was designed with the intention of making it a force to be reckoned with anywhere you like to ride. It can lap the park in the morning before it gets rutted out, and then venture over the backside to discover those hidden patches of powder stashed away in some truly technical territory. Wherever you point it on this directional, mid flexing beast, charge hard with the confidence that it can handle whatever lies in your line.

The profile of this piece is a blend of rocker between your feet and camber out towards the ends. Loads of all-mountain boards have made the move to this shape recently, because it enables you float powder, experience a bit of playfulness, retain loads of power, fearlessly attack features, and get a solid grip in any snow conditions. This is the shape and capabilities that the Cobra has, and it all adds up to freeriding magic.

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Blunted tips and a Superlight Wood Core do work to cut down on overall weight so that this board is more agile and can initiate some seriously precise maneuvers in the clutch. Never Summer claims that this core achieves an unparalleled strength to weight ratio and with the way this slick stick handles and can take a beating, I’m inclined to believe them. They have also packed this thing with all kinds of carbon on the insides to maximize pop, improve stability, and dampen chatter. P-Tex Sidewalls maintain their structural integrity no matter how far the mercury plummets, and a wildly tough base also features the ability to attain super fast speeds.

There really isn’t anything not to like about the Cobra. Some might grumble about the directional quality that doesn’t encourage riding switch, but once they strap in, they will be too busy having fun to care. The Never Summer Cobra Snowboard is raring to make this your favorite season yet. Its wild versatility and never ending gobs of performance will have you unloading moves and dominating lines you had never even imagined.

5 / 5 stars     



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