Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro Snowboard

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Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro Snowboard

I grabbed myself a Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro C2BTX Snowboard and set out to see what we could dominate. I’ve ridden plenty of boards from Mervin Manufacturing before and know that their products can take quite the beating. So, ith high expectations, I put this bad boy to the test everywhere I could think of. One board to rule them all? It’s impossible not to be attracted to anything that one of the most legendary riders of all time puts their name on.

One of the first things to note about this rockered stick is that it comes with blunt tips in the shorter sizes and is pointed for the bigger ones. No matter what the ends look like, you are going to experience a medium flex that is slightly on the stiffer side. I enjoyed the true twin, symmetrical shape that delivers consistent performance since I have started to split my time each day between riding regular and switch.

After putting in multiple days in varying conditions, I was surprised to find that it was actually more playful than I anticipated, but just as I hoped, it completely ripped all technical terrain to pieces. Taking on steeps, chutes, cliffs and trees is a breeze, as this quiver killer laughs in the face of all that is gnarly. Powder days are always a dream since the T. Rice Pro floats the fluff with ease, and that Magne-Traction is super handy when the snow isn’t as fresh and you need supreme grip on the icy stuff. This board really showcases its stability when the groomers are calling. You can feel free to just point it and let the mph’s rack up with no hesitation. When there wasn’t loads of pow to enjoy elsewhere, I lapped the park several times to see what it could handle, and the results weren’t too shabby. You can really send it with confidence off any jump, and while it can deal with rails and boxes decently, this probably shouldn’t be your first choice if jibbing is your primary scene.

While the Lib Tech T. Rice Pro is certainly a stud, it is not without a couple minor faults. The top sheet is made from beans, which is eco-friendly and groovy and all, but it chips so easily! If you do any amount of bonking, don’t expect that sweet graphic to stay in pristine condition. Also, the base doesn’t hold wax as well as I would have liked. It could have been much worse, but you can forget about being lazy and skipping waxing parties.

Just so there are no secrets, I straight up love this board. It is absolutely perfect for all-mountain freestyle riding, floating powder, crushing crud and thrashing the radar. If you want a board that can go anywhere and be awesome everywhere, the Lib Tech T. Rice Pro C2BTX Snowboard rules with authority.

Lib Tech T. Rice Pro
3.5 / 5 RATING      

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