Never Summer SL Splitboard

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Never Summer SL Splitboard

Freestyle radness has entered into the backcountry with the new Never Summer SL Splitboard. The graphics on the SL haven’t changed much over the years but the board sure has. Never Summer worked with their R&D guys, their team riders and in house employees to create a splitboard that is perfect for your next backcountry adventure. Never Summer Industries boards are all hand made in Denver, Colorado.

On Snow Notes


The board floats effortless through powder, is virtually impossible to dig the nose in, can carve like no body’s business.


Riding Never Summer boards gives you the best of both worlds in terms of rocker and camber profiles. When the two are combined, “utopic nirvana ensues“. The board floats effortless through powder, is virtually impossible to dig the nose and can carve like nobody’s business. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would be buttering a splitboard or trying to pop off every little hit like I was riding the resort, the Never Summer SL changed the way I ride my split.


Never Summer SL SplitboardWhere I thought this board really excelled was in the heavier wetter snow, if you ride in the Pacific Northwest this is the board your going to want to rock next winter for touring in the backcountry and slack country off the resort. Obviously the board worked really well in blower light density powder too, it’s truly what Never Summer snowboards were built around shredding light powder with rocks lurking under the surface. They are a Colorado company after all. Touring was a breeze on the Never Summer SL Splitboard as well, the board sliced through fresh snow and chunder like nobody’s business.


Never Summer snowboards are virtually bullet proof and come with a 3 year limited warranty. I really liked having a traditional P-Tex sidewall when doing kick turns and for trying to grip into steep slopes on the ascent.

Overall Impression

Going up was as much fun as going down on this board! The only improvement I would like to see is for NS to switch to Karakorum. I setup the board using Voile pucks and Spark R&D Bindings. The only down side I saw with this board or actually the only improvement would come from using the Karakorum locking clips and Karakorum nose and tail clamps. If you like to throw a bit of freestyle into your riding and are the type of rider that seeks out untracked slopes, the Never Summer SL Splitboard will make for a great addition to your quiver.

Never Summer SL Splitboard 2013-2014
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