Venture Odin Splitboard Review 2013-2014

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Venture Odin Splitboard Review 2013-2014
Venture Odin Splitboard Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

The Venture Odin Splitboard crushed the backcountry in and around the Grand Tetons. When it comes to looking for a burly big mountain shred sticks they best place to turn is Venture Snowboards based in Silverton, Colorado. Venture Snowboards are all hand crafted from scratch at their factory that is located within minutes of the legendary Silveton Mountain and surrounded by the insane backcountry riding in the San Juan mountains. These boards have been built, tried and tested in some of the most technical riding zones in the state of Colorado. If they work in Silverton they will rip at your local mountain.

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The Venture Odin Splitboard terrorized the snow, I was able to dig in deep and crush through any snow conditions that were laid in front of the board. The board felt extremely stable at high speeds to the point that I forgot that I was even riding a split until I released I would be able to skin back up instead of boot pack, score! The next time I head to Haines, or go out to attempt a big mountain peak this is the board I want under my feet.

The split was a bit heavier then some of the other boards I tested this season but with the added weight comes durablitly. Venture snowboards comes with a 3 year limited warranty. All one has to do is take a look at the board, how it’s sandwiched together, the amount of P-Tex in the sidewalls and the toughness of the base to realize that these boards are built to last. Next time you see someone rocking a Venture, odds are it’s a few seasons old, has a couple hundred days on it and is still riding over anything with ease.

For anyone that lives in an mountain zone that’s notoriously rocky like Colorado, Wyoming or Montana you’ll want to seriously consider buying a Venture board for next season. Unless you like hitting rocks, blowing out sidewalls, trying to get boards warrantied, and repeated the process over and over.

Venture Odin0001

The Venture Odin Splitboard was designed by team rider Johan Olofsson in colab with Venture’s founder and head designer Klemens Branner. According to Venture the board was named the “Odin, after the Norse god of war and wisdom, this deck is a nod to its creators’ Viking roots and the ideal choice for hard charging freeriders who like to pull out all the stops.

The Odin Splitboard is flat under your feet and with a rocker point at the tip and tail. If you have been shreding since before the reverse camber phase then you will surely appreciate this board. It’s a throw back to the way boards used to be made with the added advancements of today’s technology. I really like the flat under foot and think well start to see more board companies going this direction. I want as much contact with the snow as possible!

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