Trail of the Week: Doudy Draw Trail and Spring Brook Trail

by on May 17, 2013 in Biking

Trail of the Week: Doudy Draw Trail and Spring Brook Trail

Like the Dirty Bismarck, the Doudy Draw trail is in my neck of the woods, on the south side of Boulder. It’s another pretty short one—it usually takes me an hour or less to ride—so it’s good for early and late rides. Part of the ride is under some tree cover, which makes it cooler than a lot of the very exposed rides around this area.

To get to the trailhead, take 93 south out of Boulder and turn right on Eldorado Springs Drive (Highway 170); you’ll come across the trailhead after a few minutes of driving.

Coming out of the Doudy Draw trailhead, you’ll be riding on some pretty unexciting fire-road-style trail, but once you cross the bridge, it quickly turns into a slightly more challenging trail that includes a lot of small rocks that will slow you down a bit. It’s also a steady climb almost all the way to Spring Brook, so don’t burn yourself out on the first incline. When you come to a fork in the trail, turn right to head towards the Spring Brook loop. Once you’ve completed the connector trail, you’ll come to a T—I recommend turning right and doing the loop counterclockwise, but you can ride it either way (you might want to try riding it both ways if you have more time).

2012-08-21 16.20.46
When you reach this point, turn right to head toward Spring Brook.

The north side of the loop is another incline, though smoother than Doudy Draw, so you can pick up some speed heading toward the trees. Once you get to the very top of the loop, you’ll see a post where the north and south loops come together, and another trail up there—you can go exploring up there if you’d like, but there’s not much to see (most of it was off-limits to bikes, last I was there). Continue straight on down the south side of the loop toward the connector trail.

2012-08-21 16.24.01

Though this is a relatively shallow decline, it goes on for quite a while, so you can pick up some speed and carve the corners. Once you get back to the connector trail, head back to Doudy Draw. Once you’re there, you have two options. You can turn left to go back the way you came (completing approximately five miles for the whole ride), or you can turn right and do the rest of Doudy Draw. Doudy dead ends when it meets the Flatiron Vista loop, which you can tack on to add another three miles or so, making this a more significant ride (though it’s still by no means an epic).

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