Grouse Hunting Tips and Recipes
It’s amazing that in this day and age were for the most part removed from our food sources. [...]
Non-Toxic Shot:  A Green Hunter’s Buying Guide
Other than steel, most non-toxic shot options actually outperform lead. Non-toxic shot shells are [...]
Best Hunting Knives & Shears For Cutting Up Game and Fish
We Breakdown Some of the Best Hunting Knives on the Market Mountain Weekly News contributors Jess [...]
A Bird Hunters Gift Guide
Its the middle of hunting season. Are you prepared for the unexpected? Keep it simple and stay sa [...]
Bow Hunting Gear 101: Elk Calls and Scent Lock Clothing
If you play the wind right the clothes your wearing might be sufficient. Are they scent free? How [...]
Bow Hunting Considerations
Bow Hunting can be a very fun sport for the archery enthusiast. Whether stalking a mule deer in t [...]
What to do After the Shot?
This is a real important part of having a great experience or a regrettable one. Shot placement c [...]
Elk Hunting in the Gore Range
This photo was taken during the archery elk season in the Gore Range of Colorado last month about [...]
New Colorado Mule Deer Record?
EAGLE COUNTY, CO – On Sunday, August 28th, Drew Rouse and I headed out early to see what we [...]
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