Colorado Avalanche Deaths Piling Up

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Colorado Avalanche Deaths Piling Up

VAIL, CO – For the second time in consecutive days there have been skier triggered avalanches deaths at two different Colorado ski resorts. The first death occurred on Vail Mountain’s Prima Cornice, a classic run usually skied by thousands of people a day, however with lack of early season snow the run had yet to open to the public. The victim was a 12 year old skier and Eagle County local named Taft Conlin.

The second accident took place at the Winter Park ski area the day after with a 26 year old male being caught and buried between Trestle and Roundhouse trails.

Our friends at the crew had a close call around Steamboat Springs, Colorado near Cameron Pass as seen in the video below. A snowmobile was fully buried along with it’s rider while riding down a mellow trail. And these are some of the most knowledgeable mountain people around the state of Colorado.. It can happen to anyone, never let your guard down, especially not this year.

And less then a week prior 43 year old Keith Ames a local in Snowmass, Colorado died in a avalanche just outside the Snowmass Ski Area in the Burnt Mountain sidecountry.

Colorado Avalanche Information Center Snowmass Avalanche Preliminary Accident Investigation Video:

Each season Colorado leads the country in avalanche fatalities. From 2001 to 2011 Colorado’s snow pack has claimed the lives of 55 out door lovers, will you be next?

Tools like the Backcountry Access Float Backpack will give you a better chance at surviving a slide by actually floating you to the surface. A beacon is a must and we recommend the Tracker 2 also made by Backcountry Access for it’s easy to use search mode.

Live to ride another day..

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  • Brandon Baecker - January 24, 2012 Reply

    Good info Mike. I’d also recommend taking an avalanche awareness course. REI is offering a free one at the Denver flagship store on Friday 1/27. 87 spots left as I write this.

    • Mike Hardaker - January 24, 2012 Reply


      That is great info, can’t believe I forgot to mention classes, DOH!! REI does a great avalanche program, and they are actually the ones behind the Mt Baker Ski Area snow safety classes. So needless to say they have the mountains covered from Colorado to Washington and beyond.

      This is a great first introduction to snow safety and terrain management skills.

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