Double Cork 1440

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Double Cork 1440

Iouri “I-Pod” Podladtchikov has made history by landing the first ever cab double cork 1440 in a snowboard comp. I-Pod had been training on Mammoth’s airbag jump and finally attempted to throw the trick down in the pipe at the X Games Tignes.

He attempted the trick on his second run and sketched out, but nailed it on his final run. After pulling a frontside tail 900, backside 900 mute grab, and frontside 1080 tail grab, he not only landed but absolutely stomped the Cab double 14. He rode away clean and wiped out on his final hit, giving him a 4th place finish.

Upon reaching the bottom of the pipe he was so stoked he hucked his helmet, goggles, and finally his board into the screaming crowd.

I-Pod is rocking the TSG Trophy Snow Helmet available on sale at for $49.99

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