Snowboarder Aaron Robinson Died Snowboarding in South America

EL COLORADO, CHILE – ESPN is reporting two time North Master of snowboarding champion and personal friend snowboarder Aaron Robinson has died in a fall while snowboarding on the backside of the El Colorado resort in Santa Teresita. Aaron had just posted a video to his Facebook page less then 12 hours ago of another group of friends ripping powder at El Colorado… According to Emol News in Chile Aaron died after falling and hitting his head.

Valle Nevado, through a statement said “We deeply regret the accident at the Santa Teresita mountain area belongs to the center and El Colorado, which claimed the life of a skier who performed off-piste skiing.”

A-Rob as we called him on the North Face Masters tour was one of the most talented rippers competing in the big mountain snowboard series taking place across the United States. Aaron’s style was effortless, he connected with the snow and danced to the tune of the mountains. It was routine to see Aaron out taking laps with anyone that wanted to ride, always with a smile on his face, even when the conditions sucked.

Aaron Robinson Snowboard Photos from North Face Masters

Aaron Robinson The North Face Masters Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

Aaron Robinson The North Face Masters Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

Aaron Robinson High Speed Photo: Mike Hardaker

Aaron Robinson crushing it during The North Face Masters Snowbird Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

Aaron Robinson Top Spot Photo: Mike Hardaker

Aaron Robinson Method Photo: Mike Hardaker

Aaron Robinson Beer Podium Win Photo: Mike Hardaker

Aaron Robinson 360 Photo: Mike Hardaker

Aaron Robinson and Maria DeBari Podium Photo: Mike Hardaker

Aaron Robinson in the Distance Air Photo: Mike Hardaker

Aaron Robinson A-Rob Photo: Mike Hardaker

Aaron Robinson Cliff Stomp Photo: Mike Hardaker

Aaron had a love for life and everything this planet had to offer, including the sacred herb, and he wasn’t afraid to show it! After totally crushing the field during a contest last year, Aaron was asked how he felt “I feel so good, I feel so irie” to a live TV audience, another time Aaron was handed the microphone he announced to the crowd “I’m the best snowboarder here”…. +500 GNAR points for Aaron..

Aaron Robinson talks about Chile!

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At 24 years young Aaron still had a lot of living to do. He now joins snowboarders like Josh Malay, Tristan Picot, and Craig Kelly that were all taken off this earth way to early for a reason that is unbeknownst to us? I bet there is a wild party going on up in the heavens this evening with plenty of reggae music and lots of snow!! My thoughts and prayers go out to Aaron’s mom Pam and the entire Robinson family.

Details on funeral services have not be announced but you better believe myself and anyone that ever had the chance to ride with Aaron will be there to celebrate his life!!! Aaron you will be missed, say hi to Josh for me and know that your style will always be an influence on riding for generations to come..

SIA Snow Show 2012 - Aaron Robinson RIP

  • Tiffany

    Ballin my eyes out after that one. Miss you A-rob, You have touched a lot of peoples lives, Continue Surfing and Riding in the clouds of Heaven.

    • Mike Hardaker


      Thanks for leaving a comment about A-rob. He was and is such a good kid. We will always remember his smile, big heart and sick laid back snowboard style. He is indeed ripping around on the clouds on whatever board he decides to ride. And the best part is, anytime we strap in Aaron will be along for the ride.. Now that’s what I am talking about..

      We appreciate the reply during these tough times. As soon as we find out service details we will be sure to post.

      Mike Hardaker