North Face Masters Crystal Mountain

by on February 9, 2010 in Snowboarding

North Face Masters Crystal Mountain
Sebastion Jam The North Face Masters Crystal Mountain Freeriding Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

North Face Masters Crystal Mountain, WA is hosting the second stop of the North Face Masters of Snowboarding tour. Located only 105 miles from Seattle, the mountain is an amazing free-riders paradise. The mountain had been empty, the snow has been deep and riders are going off in every direction.

The Day #1 Venue, Northway. Today was the inspection day on the course. Riders seemed to forget that inspection doesn’t mean putting bomb holes in your run, and side slipping all the snow away. In the riders meeting TB ( Tom Burt ) told everyone that at this level they should be able to inspect the course from he bottom and roll up to the terrain with confidence. Not having to actually ride there run before the contest.

Riders from around the globe have converged on Crystal Mountain, WA. In my room alone ( Thanks snowboard-mag!!! ) I have 6 competitors, sharing a room. The snoring, farting, stinky boots and just common lack of sense have become hilarious. Its snowboarding after all… Life is good, ps. Seb stop snoring mate..

Jim O’Connor from Jackson Hole placed 10th in the Masters at Snowbird, look for him to ride strong. And the kid needs some industry support, shit he beet Trice..

Huge thanks goes out to Snowboard-Mag, The Entire MSI Crew and Crystal Mountain for hosting this great event!

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