Patagonia Neoprene-Free Wetsuits
Chloroprene is a plasticized rubber. As in it shares many similar chemical aspects with plastic.  [...]
5 Good Reasons Why Surfing Should Be Banned from the 2020 Olympics
Snowboarding. Seriously though if you think (and I cringe to even use this word) “sportR [...]
Bali Surf Spots for First Time Visitor
BALI, INDONESIA – Thinking about taking a surf trip to Bali this summer? Good choice I did  [...]
Kelly Slater’s New Surfboard Company
Want to surf like Kelly Slater, easy just head out to your local surf shop or online retailer lat [...]
Colorado River Surfing on Big Sur
Turns out there are lots of surfers in Colorado. The Colorado River Surfing scene is alive and we [...]
Surf Art Explained
The first time I stepped into a surf shop at age 15, I felt a connection, though to what I wasn’t [...]
Surf Snowdonia the Worlds First Legit Wavepark is Now Open to the Public
Whats up Rick Kane, surfers around the globe are frothing at the opening of Surf Snowdonia the wo [...]
Teach your Pet How to Surf!
Why should humans be the only one to ride surfboards? Enjoy this collection of animals that are j [...]
Mick Fanning Has Shark Encounter During Finals at J-Bay
Professional surfer Mick Fanning had a unique encounter with a great white shark today while comp [...]
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