Everybody go Skurfing, Skurfing USA

WESTMINSTER, CO – The sport of Skurfing Colorado was invented over 20 years ago in Australia by combing waterskiing and surfing. Local surfers were looking for a way to ride when the waves were flat. With the help of motorized waterski boat, rope and surfboard a new sport was formed. Many years later the sport helped evolve into the multi million dollar wakeboarding industry.

Skurfboards came in all shapes and sizes, most boards offered adjustable rubber foot-straps, a concave tunnel on the bottom and a single fin. As the years went on, and the sport evolved two smaller side fins were added for performance and maneuverability.

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With the invention of the wakeboard, skurfing died out. Until a group of Colorado locals decided to bring the sport back thanks to an original Skurfer found on craigslist.