Denver Nuggets Road Trip

by on January 17, 2012 in Colorado Basketball

Denver Nuggets Road Trip
Denver Nuggets Photo Garrett Ellwood/NBAE

DENVER, CO – The Denver Nuggets are 8-5 placing them in 6th for the Western Conference after going 2-2 during their recent week at home. Next up is a week on the road as they go up against Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Washington, and New York called Denver Nuggets Road.

Looking back to where we left off last week, the Nuggets started their 4 game home streak with a loss to the Hornets. With the exception of the first quarter the Nuggets were outscored by the Hornets and by the end of the third they were down by 14 and the fourth quarter didn’t bring them back as the Hornets gained a 21 point lead and finished overall by 13, with the score Denver 81- New Orleans 91.

Denver bounced back after the loss to the Hornets with a win against the New Jersey Nets. Although the Nets made a franchise record of 20/35 3-point field goals, Denver still outscored them until the fourth. Gallinari was the Nuggets high scorer for the night with 22 points. The game ended as a Nuggets wPage URL: No
in, 123-115.

The real game to talk about this week though was the win against the Miami Heat. Denver had six players scoring double digits against the Heat including Al Harrington and Rudy Fernandez from the bench. Ty Lawson however led the team with 24 points and 9 assists. The Heat’s Dwayne Wade was put out in the fourth for yet another sprained ankle which may have helped the Nuggets command the quarter and win by 13, the final score 117-104. The Nuggets are also now ahead of the Heat for Points in the Paint, Fast Break Points, and Points off Turnovers, which they lead for the league as well.

The Nuggets went on with high hopes to play Utah in their second match up. Previously winning 117-100, Denver had the energy but Utah was there to answer back and win the game 106 to Denver’s 96. Denver was ahead by one point at the end of the first, but after that quarter they fell behind, losing the game by 20 points. Nene and Gallinari were Denver’s high scorers with 18 points apiece.

Up next the Nuggets face a week on the road, starting with their second meet with Milwaukee. Their first meet was a win back at the beginning of the month, and with a 12-5 record in Denver’s favor the outlook is good. They then travel on to Philadelphia where the 76er’s are second in the East at the current time with a record of 10-3 so it should be tough game but the Nuggets may have a hand up since their 3 losses are on the road. After that they meet with Washington, currently on the bottom of the boards for the league and then what is sure to be an exciting game against the New York Knicks. With former Nugget, Carmelo Anthony making the USA Olympic Team and a probable started for the Knicks it is sure to be an exciting game as he goes up against his old teammates.

It is also time to place votes for the players in the NBA All-Star game. Five of the Nuggets have landed seats on the ballot: Gallinari, Afflalo, Miller, Nene, and Lawson. People can vote every day and it looks like Gallinari and Nene are already receiving high numbers. It would be great to see some of Denver’s finest on the all-star team.

Overall it looks like a busy week for the Nuggets. This will hopefully the time to improve their 2-3 record on the road.

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