2017 Arbor Coda Splitboard Review
One of the only splitboards that will actually increase your riding ability instead of holding yo [...]
2016/2017 Jones Explorer Splitboard Review
Last season we reviewed the 2015-2016 Jones Explorer Splitboard (see below) and this year we want [...]
Best Splitboards of 2016/2017
We updated our annual list of the best splitboards of the year. Here are a few you’ll want to add [...]
Karakoram Bindings Reviewed
Find out how Karakoram Prime bindings held up to the legendary terrain around the Tetons in my re [...]
Spark Bindings Reviewed
Spark R&D bindings are some of the best splitboard bindings in the world. They updated their [...]
2017 Never Summer Twenty Five Splitboard Review
To celebrate their 25th Anniversary the boys at Never Summer made a split to end all splits, pour [...]
Furberg Freeride Splitboard Review
Furberg, I know you must be thinking what in the hell is a Furberg? I’ve actually been sayi [...]
Colltex Extreme Splitboard Skins
Not all climbing skins are created equal. To be frank the European brands, many of which are virt [...]
2016 Lib Tech Travis Rice HP Splitboard Review
The 2016 Lib Tech Travis Rice HP is a true twin tip beast of a splitboard that should not be take [...]
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