Venture Odin Snowboard Review

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Venture Odin Snowboard Review

Venture Odin Snowboard Review The Venture Odin is a brand new Venture Snowboards board designed after the terrain preferences and riding style of their test rider, Johan Olofsson. It is categorized as Venture’s Big Mountain board and after already having designed one of the smoothest big line powder boards, The Storm, the Odin was sounding it’s powder horn from the snow-draped heights of the San Juan Mountains. Named after the Norse God of War and Wisdom, the Odin exudes the feeling of a sacred object endowed with special magic before even strapping in.

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The board seems light for an all mountain powder board but is designed for larger riders as its smallest size is a 164. In the powder it’s shape and design make it feel nearly weightless. It is incredibly responsive and with it’s rockered shape, will pop with great ease off any feature or even in a field of powder.

The Odin receives a 7 on the stiffness scale, 11 being the stiffest. It has a softer nose and a stiffer tail for optimal flotation in the powder. It is not so stiff that it can’t be played with for freestyle maneuvers but is not so flexible that it won’t hold at high speeds on steep faces.

The Odin responds to body movements as if it were connected to the rider’s brain. A moderate sidecut allows clean, arcing turns and quadratic sidecuts and firm edges provide a solid grip. Turning in powder on the Odin is one of the smoothest, natural harmonies between board, rider and nature.

The rockered design, the shape, the flex, and the overall love for the sport that is given to each handcrafted deck gives the Odin ultimate control. It is meant for serious riders with serious passion. If the rider treats the Odin with the respect it deserves, it will give back ten fold. The board is fluid, precise and graceful, yet is still the beast on the mountain.

The Odin pops with controlled, agile force. The wide stance settings make it ideal for any rider and it’s rockered nose and tail give it a powerful leverage action to pop off any cliff, cornice, kicker, or blast of powder. It lands smoothly with superb flotation.

The long nose makes it more difficult switch, just like any powder board, but it still has a solid control. The nose is softer than the tail so it’s not an extreme challenge to lean back on the nose when riding switch.

Overall Impression:
The Odin is for serious riders who want a serious ride all the time. It is versatile but is meant to be played with on the most extreme snow-covered playgrounds. Like the Norse God, it deserves respect, passion and dedication. Riding this board is like accepting a magic power: the rider will shred, float and fly as a wizard of pow.

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5 / 5 stars     


  • Joey Scholl

    I’ve tried this and it is great. Same experience when riding Burton Method 2012 Snowboard Gear.