Venture Helix Snowboard Review

by on January 4, 2011 in Snowboard Reviews

Venture Helix Snowboard Review

Precision is the keyword when it comes to the Venture Helix Snowboard, this board is light and responsive. When holding it, one can feel the power of the agility in their hands. It’s a perfect rockered, flexible, twin-tip, freestyle board but with the edge control, float and high speed ability for big lines in powder. This deck is animated and has the aptitude to be commanded to perfection on any rail, booter, appealing all-mountain feature, or a huge mountain descent.

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This deck, being up-to-date with modern snowboard technology, has had every superfluous ounce curtailed off of it without sacrificing performance. This is Venture’s philosophy on design, eliminating unnecessary components without sacrificing function. The helix feels as light as a handful of champagne powder and when actually riding the white gold, or airing off a kicker, cornice, cat track, cliff, or rock drop the dynamics of the rider’s relationship with gravity is momentarily suspended for a pristine confluence of body and board control.

The helix’s flex seems contradictory ultra-flexibility for exceptional buttering, jibbing and strong ollies, yet with enough stiffness for all-mountain riding. It takes a bit of practice to become accustomed to the flex limits when manualing but is very fun for playing with on any part of the mountain.

The edges and the snow seem to have a magnetic force holding them together when the rider applies edge pressure. This deck can hold tight, arcing carves across the mountain on any terrain. It’s so stable that one can really investigate the limits of body lean when executing a turn. The limited weight makes jump turns in powder on a steep face very simple.

The Helix is as loyal as they come and will respond to the rider’s every command. Whereas some boards are slightly delayed in powder, the helix acts on the most miniscule adjustments making it ideal for any maneuver attempted. The responsiveness is constantly noticeable and it comes as quite a blessing.

If Tigger the tiger were a snowboard, he would be the helix. The helix is bouncy and is designed to pop. It’s pop-control is very stable, making it ideal for learning new tricks or perfecting the style of one’s freestyle repertoire. Not only does it pop ideally off any lip but it can pop very well in the middle of a powder field. Take this board huge and be ready for ultimate control in the air. Being a twin-tip freestyle shape, it will make a slight impact crater when landing a big air in deep powder, sinking down a bit, but will immediately stabilize and throw the rider back into their line.

Riding switch on this board feels as normal as riding in one’s regular stance. It is optimal for learning switch or perfecting one’s switch style. Popping switch is a true treat and this is the board to learn switch spins on. It handles very well switch in powder, as the tip and tail are stiff enough for high speeds with whatever foot the rider has forward.

Overall Impression:
Like other Venture boards, the care put into the crafting of these decks makes for an ethereal ride. The helix is very fun for it’s precise responsiveness and all-mountain freestyle agility. Perfect for any park or urban riding, backcountry freestyle maneuvers and still a very solid choice for big mountain lines. It won’t hold speed or land as softly in the fluff as a powder board shape but with the right amount of respect and desire, it will dominate any riding task asked of it.

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