Arbor Wasteland Rocker Snowboard Review
The Arbor Wasteland Snowboard is Arbor’s flagship board big mountain charger snowboard design. The Wasteland features Arbor’s Mountain System Rocker aka FULL ROCKER which gives the board longer tips and a directional twin shape for superior float and go-anywhere versatility. Find out how the Arbor Wasteland snowboard performed in the legendary terrain around Jackson Hole [...]
DC Travis Rice Boot Review
Travis Rice was has been voted the best snowboarder in the world many times over Is he the best? Yeah, I would say so. His sponsors list is a distinguished list of great brands; and one of the better sponsors T-Rice holds down is DC. Travis charges hard, especially in the legendary terrain here in [...]
VonZipper Fishbowl Goggle
It started off as a good morning; I slept in and decided to do an afternoon lap session at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. At eleven that morning it was a bluebird day and it looked like it was frosty but clear. By one that afternoon it looked like hell had come in. This tends to [...]
5 Reasons to Get Dirty at Burning Man
I decided I’m going to Burning Man for the first time, everyone keeps asking me what the hell is wrong with you? Why would I want to spend a week in 110+ degree desert with a bunch of Hippies with no supplies other than the camping stuff I brought? Here are 5 reasons I’m going [...]
Union Charger Review
Introducing the 2014 Union Charger snowboard bindings! Union bindings are back at it again, creating a legend in the making with the new Union Charger Snowboard Bindings. These bindings at first glance look like a motorcycle part, or some type of automobile accessory. With the carbon fiber looks and a stingy red and black color [...]
Top 5 Ski Tech Gadgets
With so many advances in technology it was only a matter of time before modern tech. hit the mountains. Is technology taking away from our ability to connect with nature in a way that empowers and makes our skiing better and safer? In my opinion, every item on this list serves a purpose and is [...]