Royal Blood Self-Titled Album
I’m a little late to the dance, but I’ve spent the past couple weeks immersed in Royal Blood. The first few spins left me thinking that if Josh Homme were singing, I wouldn’t doubt this to be a QOTSA record. But I kept at it. The next comparison I made was to Middle Class Rut.  [...]
Best-Known Rolling Stones Songs
With the Rolling Stones heading back to outdoor stadiums in the U.S. this summer for the first time in 8 years, the time seems right to hit up our readers with some Stones classics. Here’s a short list of what probably are the best-known (not necessarily the best) Rolling Stones songs. We know the band’s  [...]
Yamn Right!  Yamn Colorado Tour
If Yanni and System of a Down hooked up, their lovechild would be Yamn. That’s the first ridiculous thing I have to say about this band. Second, I keep thinking that if I listen to enough Yamn, I’ll get pulled through my headphones and emerge in a grid just like Tron. That’s how much this  [...]
Five Bands to Hear in 2015
It’s easy to start an article like this, but it’s nearly impossible to stop. Why? Because there’s just So. Much. Great. Music. Does one focus on local music? Bands on the national scene? International? What genres? Must the bands necessarily be up and coming? The answer, my friends, is … who cares. It just has  [...]
Jon Bon Jovi Work Book Review
David Bergman went on tour with Bon Jovi every night for four years and the result is Work, a beautiful and insightful coffee table book. Bon Jovi fans, this one’s definitely for you. Bergman shot more than 800,000 images at more than 200 concerts during “The Circle” and “What About Now” tours. The best of  [...]
Keller Williams Grateful Grass: DOS
Now that this genius live bluegrass recording is rattling around my head, I realize what a thrill it would have been to witness this gig in person. “DOS” is a collection of Grateful Dead tunes culled from the “Nightfall of Diamonds” concert at The Fillmore (San Fran, not Denver) on Dec. 7, 2013. The event  [...]
David Bowie is Film Review
David Bowie is many things to many people. Rock god. Innovator. Rebel. Mischief. Songwriter. Fashion. Berlin. Creativity. He may have moved you or repulsed you over the years, but he’s likely never bored you. Knowing this, London’s V&A Museum created the first international retrospective on Bowie’s career, which it featured from March – August 2013.  [...]
Kyle Hollingsworth Speed of Life
Hold onto your funkdoobiest hat, people. Speed of Life is a keyboard master class, sure. You knew it would be. It’s Kyle Hollingsworth, for Pete’s sake. But musical platitudes aside, the best thing this album throws at the listener is a huge emotional uplift. Life gets heavy sometimes. As a music writer, I often want  [...]
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