L.L. Bean Snowfield Backpack Review
Last spring and so far this winter I have had the opportunity to ski with one of L.L. Beans new line of ski and snow inspired backcountry backpacks, The Snowfield Day Pack. L.L. Bean Makes Backpacks? First off I would like to say I had no idea L.L. Bean even made backpacks so I was  [...]
Dynafit Vulcan Down Review
I have always really liked Dynafit gear, from there bindings and boots witch are amazing and very functional to their soft cotton t-shirts. This is the first time I have had the opportunity to use any of their outerwear and I believe it lives up to Dynafits good quality. The Dynafit Vulcan Down is warm  [...]
2015 SPY Doom Goggle Review
Optics are pretty important in a pair of googles right? While testing the SPY Doom Goggles, I found that the Happy lens technology is great in harsh light and low light and really does increase contrast. I had the opportunity to use the happy bronze with blue spectra and green spectra from SPY and both  [...]
Mammut Flexidown Jacket Review
I was really impressed by the durability of the Mammut Flexidown Jacket. In the mountains this is a constant test and issue. Between rock and ridge scrambles, ski edges and rope work the fabric on this jacket held up great while testing in the Tetons. After 2 weeks of excursions the Mammut Flexidown Jacket showed  [...]