Best Snowboard Tools for 2016
There are many things to consider when purchasing a snowboard tool. What are your basic needs? Do you need a tool to do it all, or do you just need a screw driver and some extra features for your very high brow snowboard? The best snowboard tools ensure the snow party never stops. How often  [...]
Celtek Trippin Mitten Review
Love the warmth of mittens, but feel the need to use the full dexterity of your index finger? If so, the Celtek Trippin Mitten might be just the socially acceptable mittens you’ve been looking for! Well, at least they won’t ruin your dating life. Now I’ve tried mittens, and I love fingered gloves, but I  [...]
5 Awesome Chairlift Inspired Shirts
Scouring the internet for t-shirts that represent your hill, your chairlift and your lifestyle can be a difficult task. There are so many generic websites with generic T-shirts that one could really go mad. Here are a few special chairlift T’s that fully represent the riding lifestyle, the good, the bad and the silly. T-shirt  [...]
Yurbuds Explore Pro Earbuds
At first look the Yurbuds Explore headphones, part of Yurbuds adventure series of headphones, appear to be a rugged well-designed headphones built for the outdoors. The headphones are geared for the active outdoor enthusiast looking for a comfortable, water resistant headphone that won’t fall out. 2> Find out more in my Yurbuds review below: Yurbuds  [...]
Ricta Park Crusher Review
Accept no imitations! Ladies and gents, the Ricta Park Crusher wheel is the real deal! If you like skating park, transition, rails and ledges on smooth concrete this is the wheel for you. Ricta has created a wider wheel that’s super hard. The wheel has an undercut shape to reduce both weight and bulk. Simply  [...]
Nike Zoom DK Snowboard Boot Review
Pretty much any product Danny Kass puts his stamp of approval on works like a charm. So why wouldn’t I want to hit the slopes with his signature Nike boot? The boot is aesthetically pleasing, with its clean lines, a heat moldable liner, skateboard inspired details and a lethal and rugged tread. But when it  [...]
Enjoi Cosmic Doesn’t Fit Review
Well, it’s summer! So, like every summer, it’s time to buy a new deck. In the world of skateboarding decks there are billions and billions choices to make when purchasing a new deck (price, brand, size, shape, weight, etc.). If you’re looking for a cosmic joyride with a classic popsicle shape, a perfect nose and  [...]
Airblaster Ninja Suit Review
What could be better than a one-piece long underwear? How about a one-piece long underwear with pizza graphics on it! If you love pizza, and you love snowboarding, the Airblaster (pizza) Ninja Suit might be just the thing to keep you warm, while simultaneously fueling your pizza fashion fetish. We all love snowboarding and we  [...]
Vans Tanka Mountain Edition Jacket Review
Vans has really stepped up their game this year with their new Mountain Edition Hyprid Apparel Collection. This new outerwear collection consists of two sets of jackets: the Stinson and the Rutherford jackets, which are fully equipped no-nonsense jackets, and a set of woven hybrid shirt jackets, the Vans Tanka Jacket and the Cabrillo. Vans  [...]
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