You Need to Try Fatbiking This Winter, Here’s How and Where
The mountain bike scene is overrun with fatbikes. They were everywhere at Interbike, almost every major manufacturer is selling at least one model, fatty-specific bike racks are hitting the market, and fatbike races are popping up everywhere. To most people, fatties look really goofy. But to the people who love them, they’re the best bikes in [...]
Mountain Bike Holiday Gift Guide
If you or someone you know is a mountain biker, here is our list of mountain bike gift ideas for the holidays : Co2 inflation cartridges are a popular item among the racing crowd, and they are an exceptionally convenient way for anyone to fix a flat (unless you or your friend are one of [...]
SKS Supershort Mini Bike Pump Review
Like spare tubes and patch kits, bicycle hand pumps are tools most often reserved for emergency use (i.e., you got a flat tire and now you need to fix it). Although you may only need to use such a tool a handful of times out of the year (or more, if you ride with friends [...]
Take A Green Vacation This Summer
To help offset your carbon footprint while on vacation, consider incorporating your bike into your travels for a truly green vacation. Bicycles emit no carbon dioxide, and they are one of the easiest ways to do your part in reducing anthropogenic pollutants. 1. Wherever you go, don’t rent a car Car rentals can be expensive, [...]
Bike Year Round From Home
It is cold, perhaps it is getting dark, and you can’t seem to find one of your gloves—the idea of abandoning your bike ride begins to feel a lot more appealing. Before you give up on riding outside (whatever your excuse may be), consider the indoor trainer. Don’t expect a trainer to boost your level [...]
Chasing the Inca a Redbull Peru Mountain Bike Adventure
What does a mountain bike adventure entail? If you happen to be Darren Berrecloth, Garett Buehler, or Chris Van Dine, the answer is exploring 15,000’+ mountains, discovering undocumented Peruvian ruins, and venturing deep into the Andes—all on a two wheels for some rad Peru Mountain Biking action. Last summer, the trio of freeriders (all Red [...]