Incline Optics Adept Goggle
Allow me to introduce my latest goggle of choice: the Adept by Incline Optics. The newly established Incline Optics is a promising company founded by Montana natives. “Innovative. Intelligent. Inspired.” is its main claim, which has proven to be a convincing proposal for its gog-gles. Incline Optic’s prototype, the Adept Goggle, is an impressive foundational [...]
Brooks-Range Armor Jacket Review
What do you get when you have experienced mountaineers design mountaineering equipment? Well, you get good gear. Brooks-Range Mountaineering is a small organization of mountaineers and backcountry enthusiasts dedicated to producing the highest quality outdoor gear for alpinists. The company was founded by Matt Brooks, a first ascender of climbs across the globe, an extremely [...]
Revo Moog Goggle
They’re here. Revo’s signature lens technology has returned to the snow world in its 2016 line of goggles. Thirty years ago, Revo’s Light Management System hit the market and quickly became the go-to option for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Its polarized lenses offered such great visual performance on the slopes, Revo was adopted as the [...]
Best Snowboard Socks for Women
Leonardo da Vinci once said, “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”. He’s totally right. Unfortunately, not many people today take time to appreciate our lowest extremities. We’re all so busy running around in our day-to-day lives that the well-being of our bodies, especially our feet, is often neglected. [...]
Salomon Malamute Snowboard Boot Review
The Salomon Group has been around a long time. From saw blades to snowboards, the French company has figured out how to be a leading manufacturer of outdoor sports equipment for 70 years. Not until more recently did the organization catch onto producing snowboard gear. Still, within the comparably short time it has been, Salomon [...]