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Ruffwear Restcycle Dog Bed

Ruffwear Restcycle Bed

A few years back I gave Ruffwear our editors choice award for having one of the greenest products at the Outdoor Retailer show. The Ruffwear Restcycle Bed is as its name implies a recycled dog bed.

Ruffwear teamed up with a backpack manufacture who’s factory had excess foam pellets that in the past had been thrown into a dump. These were the punch outs from backpack straps that are now getting a second life in the form of a dog bed that can be custom fit to meet any dogs sleeping needs.  With a removable plush microsuede cover, this is the sort of dog bed your dog will enjoy for will have for years to come. This Bed is available in one size 28 x 35 that works for small, medium and large dogs.  And with a built-in handle is travel-friendly.

Price: $99.95

Thermacell Mosquito

Thermacell Patio Shield

Do you hate mosquitos? Perhaps you are sick of them buzzing around your patio.  Well, now there is a solution from the industry leaders in mosquito protection -Thermacell. The newly updated Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller is able to block mosquitos from entering a 15-foot range from the device.

When we backpack, DEET is a common way to avoid mosquitoes. The stuff reeks, and there are old wives tails of DEET degrading gear, although we have yet to see this.  Now instead of DEET, you can actually take this tiny hand-held device with you camping and backpacking without adding much weight (.06 lb) to your backpack.

Price: $24.99

EVA Ultrasonic HumidifierStadler Form EVA Humidifier

Use this contraption during the cold, dry winter months. This is when dry skin gets worse, and when your nasal passages can dehydrate. Unlike other humidifiers, the EVA is designed to blow a mist high up into the air, using an ultra-sonic technology triggered with an external sensor. The unique pre-heating options allow you to increase the water output but maintain a warm comfortable mist.

Use Eva to select one of five output levels and selectable humidity from 30% – 75%. Easy-to-use, Eva also includes a remote control for a larger unit. LED lights can be dimmed or even switched off completely for a more subtle Eva. Be sure to empty the humidifier when not in use and follow the cleaning instructions to avoid any mold buildup.

Price: $199.99

Moccamaster Coffee Maker

Moccamaster Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers rejoice. Now you can brew 10 cups of coffee in just 6 minutes! With the Moccamaster it’s never been easier. Features include auto shut-off, automatic drip stop and separate heating elements for optimal temperature brewing. Make your coffee at the perfect temperature every time with this unique copper boiling coffee brewer.

Price: $359.99

Vant Wall Panels

Vänt Wall Panels

For a great way to upgrade your bedroom consider adding a set of upholstered wall panels behind your bed.  One of the best ways to get a modern look in any space is to add Vänt Wall Panels to your walls. You may be thinking this looks hard to install? It’s not, in fact in around 5 minutes you can have the panels hung as once the track is in place the panels simply click together. Although you’ll really want to make sure to use a level to make things look clean.

Wondering what color to get, Vänt has 30 to choose from to easily match the look of your room.  And for sizing, 8-16 panels will cover a Queen Sized space as each box from Vänt comes with 4 panels total.

Price: $179.99

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