Top 10 Backpacking Snacks of 2021

Best Snacks Hiking

When it comes to fueling your body not all snack foods are created equal especially for the outdoors.  We put together a list of the best snacks for hiking and camping.

All the brands listed in this article are not only healthy, but they’re also packed full of crucial ingredients that fuel your body while tasting great at the same time.

Here’s our picks for best snacks:

Best Hiking Snacks

FBOMB Nut Butter

If you didn’t already know: fat is fuel. As one of the best forms of essential fatty acids needed for flexible muscles, soft skin and a balanced diet, F-BOMB drops the bomb on nut butter with these super-rad squeeze packs. Made for on-the-go refueling, FBOMB packs fit into small pockets so you are never short on energy. Each FBOMB pack contains what you need for life. Inside the essential fats of your favorite nuts are available in your favorite flavors and varieties! Drop an FBOMB into your pack so you never have to worry about getting stuck without sustenance. These travel-sized nut butter FBOMBS will keep you driven so you can keep smashing through your favorite terrain without slowing down. One of the best snacks that are easily packable. Average sugar content per serving: 1 g – 0 added sugars.

Greenbelly Meals

When you need a meal you can take on the trail, trust Greenbelly they make one of the best snacks for the outdoors. Keeping it green all the way through mealtime, you can count on the BIG nutrition of each convenient, natural Greenbelly meal to give your body what you need. Full Greenbelly meals were designed by Chris Cage who knew that whole food are the best foods for the outdoor adventurer. So, each meal, snack food, shake and to-go pack from Greenbelly meals is loaded with nutrients to keep your body working as efficiently as possible. No matter what your passion is, Greenbelly will keep you going with balanced nutrition. Average sugar content per serving: 35 g, 0 g added sugars.

Huel RTD

This Ready-to-Drink meal shakes from Huel is thick and delicious. Not only are Huel RTD shakes loaded with nutrients including essential vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, fats, fiber and more to fuel your body, but they are also ideal when you are at the gym, on a trail or in the backcountry. Made for pre or post-workout nutrient loading, Huel meal shakes feed your body what it needs – no matter when or where you need it. Reach for a Huel shake when you are away from the kitchen and cannot get the complete food you need. Formulated for on-the-go nutrition with slow-release carbs, high-protein, and balanced micronutrients in flavors you love like chocolate, vanilla, and berry. Also available in powder form so you can make your own Huel shakes at home in the blender or with a shaker ball cup. Average sugar content per serving: 4 g

Lenny’s Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

You can satisfy sweet cravings and feed your muscles essential protein with these yummy cookies. No other cookie on the market today can provide the same amount of plant-based protein and fiber in such an incredible tasting food. Every bite of Lenny’s Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies are loaded with mouth-watering chocolate chips acting as a cheat snack and health food all at the same time. Try these filling cookies and feel great about finishing your complete snack. Average sugar content per serving: 8 g total sugar, 6 g added sugars.

Naked Protein Bars

There is nothing wrong about Mother Nature going Naked. In fact, that’s when she provides the best nutrients. Naked Protein Bars have nothing to hide when it comes to ingredients because they are all-natural. Naturally, the transparent ingredient list includes only the best: peanut butter, peanut flour, grass-fed whey protein, brown rice syrup, and grape juice extract. Designed so you have everything you need for long term energy and nothing you don’t (15 g protein, 6 g fiber per bar – and only 5 ingredients!). Average sugar content per serving: 13 g total sugar, 13 g added sugars. One of the best energy bars for cycling.

Old Trapper Beef Jerky

The perfect combination of sweet and salty, this jerky is unlike any other. Because you want the best beef strips – get Old Trapper. The unique recipe for the savory teriyaki jerky includes the most tender cuts of beef, marinated in apple cider vinegar, soy sauce and then smoked and seasoned with a blend of spices. Let your mouth water for these strips and pack them anywhere you go for your next wild craving. Average sugar content per serving: 4 g.

Fourpoints Bar

The four points are Real Food, Slow Burn, Micro Rich, and Delicious. Can your food bar do all of that? Well … Fourpoints Bar can. Your body prefers real food because it needs real nutrients to perform at peak levels. Fourpoints Bars contain a macronutrient profile all from RAW food ingredients to give you lasting energy from slow-burning calories. Ridiculously delicious, Fourpoints Energy Bars are eaten on-the-go no matter where you are. After the first bite you will see why Fourpoints Bars are found on every chairlift, bike, board, and trail – no matter the season. For their hardcore ingredients of course! Average sugar content per serving: 20 g, 0 added sugars.

DNX Bars

If you love bacon try these Grass-Fed Beef & Uncured Bacon Jalapeño Bars. Designed to complement the outdoors, DNX Bars are oh-so-satisfying with rich flavors that encourage your nutritious diet and active lifestyle. Unlike other types of beef jerky or food bars, DNX Bars are fortified with collagen. Did you know this type of grass-fed beef also promotes your health, skin appearance as well as joint strength? KETO compliant, Whole30 Approved, Paleo Friendly and loaded with flavor, the DNX Bar fits into your pocket to promote your best physical performance. Average sugar content per serving: 1 g sugar.

CBD FX Gummies

Inflammation is a natural process that your body is almost constantly fighting. However, CBD or Cannabidiol is a substance derived from hemp (the non-psychoactive cousin of marijuana) that offers powerful anti-inflammatory effects to your entire body. Conveniently made into these tasty chews, you can pack CBD FX Gummies inside bags or even stash them inside a pocket for fast relief of aches and pains in your body. This potent formula is ideal for runners and other outdoor sports enthusiasts who need a natural recovery formula alternative. CBD FX Gummies include turmeric and spirulina – two superfoods for fighting inflammation. Other CBD edibles are available including chocolates, shakes and much more. Average sugar content per serving: 4 g.

Seasonal Produce

What you can find directly from nature is the best possible source of nutrients for your body. Because your body is naturally in-step with the seasons, produce that is ripe and ready for eating is ideal for staying in tune with your ability to stay healthy. One of the best places to find locally sourced organic produce is, of course, a local farmer’s market, but if you cannot find one, a grocery store with seasonal items will be enough. Remember to get creative with whatever was recently harvested and use the foods in salads, smoothies, juices and more! Average sugar content per serving: it varies however, vegetables will have less sugar than fruits.

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