Top 10 Backpacking Snacks of 2021

KIND Plus Nutrition Bar

Kind makes some outrageously good bars with various different fruit, nuts, and natural sugars. Kind makes simple upfront good quality nutrition that is tasty, not over-processed and easy to digest. One great thing about kind bars is they don’t turn to mush is they have been in the backpack for a couple of days. A great option for vegetarians and vegans, not good if you are allergic to nuts.

Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews

Honey Stinger has been a favorite of snowboarders, bikers, and hikers for years. These are the perfect snack on the chairlift, sweet and tasty, and best of all they won’t freeze and they are organic too! Honey Stinger has many great flavors to choose from. The Limeade even offers up some natural caffeine via Green Tea if you need a pick me up. Honey Stingers are gluten and dairy-free.

Epic Bar

How do you make you epic day better? Grab a couple of Epic Bars, the Bison Bacon Cranberry is a great mix of flavors, protein, and nutrition. The Beef Habanero Cherry is very good too, a must for any outdoor adventure. Epic Bar uses quality ingredients, packs plenty of protein and makes great tasting food. I had a friend turn me on to these on the chairlift, my new favorite snack.

Health Warrior Chia Bar

Chia Seeds are a superfood and aren’t just for the Chia Pet any more. Each bar contains 1000mg Omega 3 and five critical antioxidants, not only do they taste great, they are easy to share. These bars are the real deal and puck a punch.

Why is eating healthy snacks important?

As the saying goes “think outside the box” when it comes to picking the food you put in your body. United States citizens struggle with obesity, odds are if you eat these snacks, cook at home and live an active lifestyle you will never have to deal with the disease of being overweight.

Food is fuel and if you put crap into your system well odds are you’re going to get lousy results. That’s why we decided to test a bunch of summer snack foods for our Summer Snack Food Guide. When it comes to snack foods, not all food is created equal. These are the snacks we tested while hiking and camping in the mountains. The best mountain snacks for your next outdoor outing.

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