How to Use Terpenes and Why Do they Smell So Good?!

Canabis Terpenes

Terpene is a word used to describe the unique phyto-chemicals derived from cannabis plants. Responsible for the potent, herbaceous and sweet scent of sensimilla, terpenes are also found in numerous other plants, fruits, herbs and more.

Do Terpenes Get You High?

The reason cannabis strains smell so damn good is due to their diverse terpene content. Some types of cannabis plants can contain a range of different terpene compounds while others may be dominant in one or another. However, no matter which terpene you choose it is important to know that they will NOT get you high. In fact, the essential oils derived from cannabis also known as terpenes or plant “essences,” are safe to use for people of all ages – when used as directed of course.

Here is a list of the top 8 best terpenes you should try:

Limonene Terpene

This is one of the most common phyto-chemical compounds found in cannabis plants. Also an essential oil of lemon, you can find this compound inside lemon zest giving that potent, pungent pop of flavor. Also known to provide health benefits when inhaled as an essential oil, limonene terpenes offer anti-acne and anti-bacterial effects and also work as an immune stimulant and acid reflux reducer. [Purchase: $15.00]

a-Pinene Terpene

This is an essential oil that you may recognize from winter seasons. Inside Christmas trees like spruce, pine and fir, a-Pinene is plentiful and fills many homes with its rich familiar fragrance. The sweet and fresh scent is ideal when used at home especially during cold and flu season. This terpene is known to offer powerful anti-inflammatory effects and also works to reduce common bronchial complaints. [Purchase: $16.99]

b-Myrcene Terpene

A compound found in one of your favorite adult beverages (beer) hops is one of the most common sources of this essential oil. When derived from cannabis, β-Myrcene delivers potent anti-inflammatory effects and also works as a muscle relaxant, sedative and pain-reliever. [Purchase: $16.99]

Linalool Terpene

Found in one of my personal favorite flowers ever, linalool can be found in lavender essential oils and the flowers themselves. Responsible for its ability to stimulate stress reduction and induce relaxation, linalool terpenes are commonly used at night. However, you can also use this popular terpene as a local anesthetic (pain-reliever), skin toner and anticonvulsant. [Purchase: $9.99]

b-Caryophyllene Terpene

Usually, this essential oil can be found right on the kitchen table next to the salt. Also inside black pepper, b-Caryophyllene is a terpene derived from cannabis plants that also can be credited with addiction reduction, anti-malarial effects as well as gastric protective properties. [Purchase: $6.00]

Caryophyllene Oxide Terpene

A refreshing compound also found in a common kitchen herb known as lemon balm, this terpene also offers powerful health benefits. They include decreases in platelet aggregation, anti-fungal abilities, as well as anti-insecticidal properties. [Purchase: $9.99]

Nerolidol Terpene

The fragrance of freshly squeezed orange juice can be found inside a bottle of nerolidol terpenes. A powerful compound also found inside orange peels and the essential oil of orange, it can be used for topical massage or inhalation to gain many health benefits. They include skin protection, sedation, as well as anti-malarial effects. [Purchase: $15.00]

Phytol Terpene

The most popular beverage across the globe, green tea contains a phytochemical known as phytol. This compound is also a common terpene derived from cannabis. Responsible for numerous benefits including relaxation and a good mood, phytol is also known to support healthy skin, reduce itching and act as an anti-inflammatory, anti-parasite and immunosuppressant.[Purchase: $19.99]

CBD Companies are starting to look at introducing terpene’s into CBD products as well.

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