Winter Car Emergency Kit Checklist and Essentials

Winter Car Emergency Kit

We have all seen someone trying to shovel out their car before heading to work in the morning, and we have all heard the stories about cars being trapped on the highway because of extreme winter. Hopefully, you won’t find yourself in a dangerous situation this year, but in the off-chance that you need to spend more time in your car than expected because of the conditions, we’ve created a list of winter car survival kit essentials to keep you and your crew safe. Some of this gear is essential and others are more specialized, but everything is driver tested and safety approved!

Winter Car Survival Kit Must-Haves

Weego 44 Battery Pack for Emergencies

Weego 44 Portable Jumper Pack – ($149.99)

Everyone, at the least should carry a set of jumper cables in their vehicle, but the Weego 44 transcends car-to-car cables and offers a complete and portable jump-start package. With the Weego 44, you don’t need to wait for another car to jump a dead battery. Just connect the cables to your battery, press “go,” and get back on the road.  It will also charge your phone, tablet, computer, tools, and anything with a USB port. The compact and water-resistant design stores easily in your car. Whether you drive a diesel or a gasoline engine, the Weego 44 will power up your vehicle when you need it most.

Cell Phone Booser for Emergency

Fusion2Go Max Cell Service Booster – ($499.99)

Planning on road-tripping across the country with your IKON pass?  Or just to see family and friends? Cell service in major cities for the most part if never an issue, however when you get to rural America, things change quickly. The Fusion2Go max is the most powerful multi-user in-vehicle cell service booster on the market. It delivers call reliability and fast data speed while on-the-go for every service carrier in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Installation is easy and the company offers a 3-year warranty.  It’s worth the cost because it is the best product in its market.

Fire Starter for Emergency

Zippo Mag Strike – ($14.95)

This is one of those handy little gadgets that you should keep in your glove compartment. Zippo designed this product with the same durability and reliability that they are known for.  The Mag Strike rains a splash of sparks with one simple strike. It’s hard edge and textured grip make igniting fires easy and safe than fumbling with matches. The Mag Strike is more reliable in the cold and rain than a lighter or matches and delivers a consistent shower of sparks for igniting fires quickly.

Car Sleeping Bag for Emergency

Zenbivy Light Quilt 10º – ($319.99)

The Zenbivy Light Quilt is the lightest, most comfortable, and most minimalist sleeping bag on the market that has the ability to keep you warm, comfortable and safe in temperatures below freezing. Zenbivy replaced the zippers with an easy hook-n-loop design for simplicity and lightness.  This allows for multiple configurations beyond a traditional mummy shape so if you need to use this as a blanket to cover up two people it works for that as well. Best of all the Zenbivy Light Quilt takes up about the same amount of space as a 32 oz. water bottle. You should keep one in your car because it can tuck easily under the seat and won’t be in the way when you don’t need it.

Car Shovel for Emergency

Collapsible Shovel – ($30.99)

  • Emsco Group Bigfoot Collapsible Car Trunk Shovel – Lightweight Aluminum

Foldable Sunglasses

Ombraz Sunglasses – ($140.00)

Ombraz Sunglasses- These don’t have arms! They fit in your visor, and you will at some point forgot or lose your sunglasses. These are a rad backup pair of shades that can easily fit anywhere without taking up much space like traditional cumbersome sunglasses cases.

Fusion2Go Max Cell Service Booster

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