Heavy Green Book Review
Action sports athletes would make the most elite soldiers if it wasn’t for their anti-authoritarian  nature and dislike of conformity. Inherent love of risk and suffering, comfortability with the spectre of death and desire to push the body and mind to its limit are rare qualities found in top warriors and top extreme athletes. Sam  [...]
Teton Pass Skier Triggered Avalanche Buries Car
JACKSON, WYO – According to a Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) snowplow driver a skier triggered avalanche buried a car on Teton Pass during today’s mornings commute.  This is the second time in recent years that a car has been hit by a skier triggered avalanche. Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center Bulletin rated the Teton Mountains above  [...]
The New Taos
“The New Taos Ski Valley.” Be sure to keep that phrase in the back of your mind for future ski trips and vacations.  The New Taos Ski Valley does not mean longer lift lines, or more crowds, or changes to the Taos vibe.  Skiers and Snowboarders still take their morning tokes on the lifts and  [...]
This Whole Experiment Sounds Rather Desperate and Sad
Stop posting your Instagram photos to Facebook, there I said it.  But for real why on earth does an entire generation feel the need to inflate our egos constantly?  This whole experiment sounds rather desperate and sad. In September of 2017, The Atlantic Magazine ran an article titled: Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? The short answer  [...]
Cannabis & Sports: Can CBD Oil Help with Pain Relief?
Cannabis is well-known to be a prohibited substance in the sports industry however, doesn’t that seem ironic? I mean, who suffers from more injuries, and pain than professional athletes? And just consider for a moment that those athletes operating at the professional level have no way of avoiding mandatory drug tests that disable them from  [...]