6 Months Without Facebook, I’m still Alive, & No I did Not UnFriend You!

Facebook is a drug

I recently took a 6 month social media brake. Aside from commiting social suicide it was actually sort of nice, calm and gave time to reflect about “Whats on my mind” without having to share my thoughts, feelings and emotions with friends and acquaintances.

How Much Time Do You Spend on Facebook?

Back in July of 2014, Facebook.com announced that on average people in the United States spent 40 minutes daily on Facebook, while globally users spent 50 minutes or more. When you start looking at these numbers on an annual scale the use or abuse of Facebook for that matter is down right startling.

The average person in this country will spend over 10 days year (14,400 minutes) on the Facebook social media platform alone.

Happiness is a Serious Problem

One of my favorite books by author Dennis Prager titled “Happiness Is a Serious Problem: A Human Nature Repair Manual” mentions that too many people see themselves as victims, to achieve your desires is to take responsibility for your life rather than blaming others. When we spend minutes, hours or even days looking at other people’s lives we can’t help but to reflect back inwards.

For those of you that know me via Facebook it would be easy to assume that I live a perfect life getting to snowboard deep snow every day throughout the winter if all you did was pay attention to the photos that showed up in your feed.

What you don’t see me post is photos from meeting with my psychologist at the Community Counseling Center here in Jackson, WY. Or being humbled picking up bags of groceries from the Jackson Cupboard food bank.

The next time you decide to share something on Facebook, truly look yourself in the mirror and ask why? Is this post about stoking your ego, or showing others how cool you truly are? Or perhaps your post can help brighten someones day or give inspiration to those around you..

Got Friends?

Facebook friends

Pulling myself off Facebook was an interesting social experiment indeed. First of all – No I did not “de-friend” and if you posted heavy stuff about life such as cancer well I didn’t see it. (and yes that actually happened) As much as we all feel were connected via Facebook and other social platforms the human factor seems to be missing.

What ever happened to picking up the phone to catch up or sending a letter/postcard in the mail? Has that been replaced by a simple text message and the Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Has You, and I on the Hook

Try comparing the number of friends you have on Facebook to the amount of numbers in your phone.. Do these numbers seem in line? The hiccup with Facebook is it has made it really easy to stay in touch with people from almost every part of this planet and possibly one day beyond. Taking yourself off Facebook will alienate you from friends, family and acquaintances literally overnight.

Tread lightly here, as some people might notice you’re gone, most others won’t.. Say What? Try deactivating you account and see what happens. (don’t worry you can always turn it back on by logging into Facebook again like I did to share this story)

21st Century Digital Photo Album

How many years have you been on Facebook? Better yet how many photos have you uploaded or shared online? Do you have a backup folder with all these photos, or have you been using Facebook as a 21st century digital photo album? Or perhaps you’ve upgraded your iPhone while on Facebook, if so where do those photos live?

Regardless of what you answered to any of the questions above, I would suggest finding a way to download all your personal from Facebook and save them on a computer, backup hard drive or even the cloud. Keep in mind you can only download 1 photo from Facebook at a time by right clicking on it and hitting “Save Image As..” So depending on your Facebook usage this might take a while.

Maybe Now Is The Time To Take a Break from Facebook

As society, technology and the human race continue to evolve at a record pace, the timing might be right to take a break from Facebook now before we all continue farther down this social media rabbit hole experiment.. Best of all, my Facebook sabbatical happened during the election season so for the most part I don’t know or care about your political views and hope you feel the same about mine.

Last and certainly not least ~ if you’re only source of news comes from Facebook.com, well we are all up shit creek..

Fb drugs

Waiting for product details ...

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