5 Best Outdoor Books For Athletes
Outdoorsmen know that the time spent in the wilderness delivers a lot of quiet “me time.” Take advantage of the moments spent under the stars, cradled in a hammock or under the pitch of your favorite tent with these 5 Best Outdoor Books. They make great gifts for the outdoor athlete in your life or  [...]
Drumming, Dreams and Drugs – Deal by Bill Kruetzman
Have you ever wondered what really goes on backstage in the world of rock-n-roll? Grateful Dead Drummer Bill Kreutzmann tells all in his new memoir Deal (My Three Decades of Drumming, Dreams and Drugs with the Grateful Dead). Now let me start this review off by stating this book is not for everyone. If you  [...]
The Set Sun Blood At Dusk Book
Skids and Dreamers Unite Virgin novel by author Brady Snow digs deep into the mountains and the mind. The first novel by Brady Snow is an impressive one. The book starts slowly, giving details about the Midwest upbringings of the main characters. Collin, an intelligent albeit confused and slightly pessimistic man, is trying to analyze  [...]
Jon Bon Jovi Work Book Review
David Bergman went on tour with Bon Jovi every night for four years and the result is Work, a beautiful and insightful coffee table book. Bon Jovi fans, this one’s definitely for you. Bergman shot more than 800,000 images at more than 200 concerts during “The Circle” and “What About Now” tours. The best of  [...]