Ultimate Summer Snack Food Guide
Looking to get after it this summer? Perhaps you signed up for a running race, or a big mountain bike ride, or maybe you’re just looking for healthy, delicious snack foods packed with clean energy and lots of protein? When it comes to fueling your body not all snack foods are created equal. The easiest  [...]
Patagonia Food Revolutions: Starting From the Bottom
Are you passionate about the outdoors? Then you should also be passionate about your food. Did you know that your diet directly impacts the climate? The rain? The snow? The ecosystems. Currently, the planet around you can be considered “in crisis” as modern technology bleeds into the food industry leaving our food supply nearly unrecognizable  [...]
How to Brew Better Coffee : Pro Tip – It’s Worth It!
There’s something about having a cup of coffee in the mountains that makes it absolutely unbeatable by any café experience in the lowlands. Whether it’s the altitude, the clean mountain air, or just a general feeling of being at peace, you can’t top a mountainside cup of coffee. Whether you’re in the mountains or not,  [...]
How to Save Money Skiing or Riding as Ski Bums
Whichever you prefer, there can be little denying that snowboarding and skiing aren’t the cheapest of winter activities. Hence why there are sooo many ski bums in just about every mountain town. First of all, there is the cost of the equipment itself. And then you need a lift ticket and transportation. All of this  [...]