5 Things I Wish My Father Showed Me
Having spent the past 20 years of my life without my dad or a father figure plain and simply sucks. My dad died when I was 16 years old and to be honest I feel like I have been stuck living as child all these years when honestly, all I want is to become a  [...]
What are the Best Portable Water Filters
Water filters can come in really handy when you are out on a long trail. Or any time really… If you’re like me you will take off at a moments notice and sometimes you just cant trust your available water source out there. But you CAN trust these on-the-go portable water filters. Here are the  [...]
Technology to Get You in Shape
Whether you’re a highly trained athlete or working on your first couch-to-5k plan (or even just getting started with walking), you could probably use some help with motivation. And while there are plenty of great motivational strategies you can use, sometimes you need something a bit more immediately physical—and that’s what these five devices are  [...]
5 Reasons To Get Runners High
Runners high is something that I never thought was real. In fact, it’s something I deliberately avoided. “I am not a runner,” I’d think to myself as I saw runners trot around my neighborhood. Those people wear super short shorts and the neon… oh the neon. After taking an office job I realized in my  [...]
Top 5 Picks for Healthy & Hydrated Winter Skin
Winter skin can really get you down. While some of the guys out there can protect their necks and rosy checks with a thick beard, us ladies are NOT so lucky! And because redness, inflammation and rosacea can all hit harder during the winter months (and especially out there on the mountain) Mountain Weekly is  [...]