How to use Priceline to Get the Best Deals on Rooms and Flights

Have you ever wondered how to use to find the best deals on hotel rooms? Well I wanted to share one of the tricks I have learned to find the lowest possible hotel rates. Using the following method you can find hotel rooms up to 80% off published rates.

Enjoy this info n the brand and Free tips I have learned over the years :

Priceline was founded in 1997 by Jay Walker and officially launched a year later in April of 1998. On’s first day in business the website received over 600,000 visitors. Fast forward a few years to 1999 and the companies stock goes public with initial offering of $16.00 per share, one month later stock was trading at $165.00 per share.

How to use Priceline for Deals purchases bulk hotel rooms across the world and sells the rooms at discounted rates. When using the system you have two options: The first being a simple site search to find the lowest published rates available through – The second option allows you to “Name Your Own Price” when booking a room. Backed by Priceline’s Big Deal Guarantee you can find the lowest rates available up to 60% off. When using the “Name Your Own Price” function discounted rates can be even lower. Booking Tips

I have found that using Priceline’s “Name Your Own Price” feature will generate the lowest possible rates online for hotel travel. So how do you figure out how much to bid using the “Name Your Own Price” method?

Bidding For Travel is a website that is setup as a form for travelers to post previous Priceline bid histories. In under 5 minutes you can see the most recent bids and successful hotel room purchases. This becomes a great starting point, an example would be if a 4 star hotel in Downtown Denver had successful bids at $65.00 for a nights stay, you could start around that price range. Why bid more?

Priceline Zones

Priceline Zones

How To Book on Name Your Own Price
When using the “Name Your Own Price” section of the website you will be asked to fill out the following:

1. – Choose where you want to stay. Most major cities will be split into zones and are available to view on the detailed map. If you are traveling to a ski resort, odds are just the city will be listed.

2. – Choose the star level of the hotel you are booking from 1-star to 4-star Deluxe

3. – Name Your Own Price (per room night) – Always start low, I mean really low. Even if you get the following message “Based on recent data, your price has almost no chance of being accepted.” Stick with your low bid as this is your starting point, bid to high and you’ll end up purchasing a room, granted at a discounted rate.

4. – Enter your reservation name (must be 21 or older to use Priceline) Free Re-Bids

Well if you entered a low enough price then odds are the system will come back to you saying your request was not accepted. However they give you the option to change one or more items in your request and then you can re-submit your bid. This is usually where I end up booking rooms, and here is why.

5. – 4 star hotels are not available in each booking zone. If you take a look at the list of hotels and there rating on Bidding For Travel – ( This link shows Colorado Hotels ) you will see there are no 4 star hotels in certain areas. So if you select an area, say the airport that doesn’t have any 4 star hotels listed then you are essentially getting a FREE – RE BID. The system will search again via your original request this time it will also look for 4 star hotel rooms at the airport or whatever zone you have selected. I also liked to increase by bid amount by $5 at this point..

6. – You can also change your dates if your flexible for another FREE – RE BID.

7. – Lastly you can change the star level for a FREE – RE BID (be very careful with this, and make sure you know what zones and star levels could possibly show up. One New Years I had us staying about 30 miles from downtown as I changed the star level and was booked into a lower level hotel in a zone far from where we wanted to be. Successful Bids

Using the above methods I recently stayed at the Denver Grand Hyatt for $65.00 per night, rack rate on the room was $350. I started with a low $50.00 bid and worked my way up to $65.00 after changing zones and dates. The Westin Bonaventure hotel in Los Angeles has been very good to me via Priceline, with rooms usually selling for between $60-$95 you wont find rates like this anywhere but

100% non refundable, so make sure you are confident in what you are booking. Some users have complained about getting the “worst” room in the hotel. As with anything in life you get what you pay for. You wont be booked into the maid’s closet so rest assured and odds of finding yourself on the concierge level will be slim to none. I did find a $20 bill slid across the front desk and a smile while checking in can do wonders. Beds, with Priceline you are guaranteed a room, not a certain # of beds. Singles and couples are always fine, if your hoping for 2 Queen beds you can contact the hotel but nothing is guaranteed. is a great tool for finding Deep discounted hotel room rates. They also offer low cost airfare and car rentals but well save that for another How To. Spend some time and look at Bidding For Travel before trying to use It will really help to find a price range and average for each city before trying to book. In the past I have even just used the exact searched listed on Bidding For Travel and purchased rooms on the first bid. Last but not least, be sure to look at the hotel star levels as they change often. If you have any questions on how to book with feel free to comment on this story for the next 14 days. After that you can email me directly.Happy Bidding..

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